Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Apple a Day Keeps you Burping Away.

Do you guys remember my granola bar post? click here
I am having issues with an apple being devoured…
Purple Dino-SOUR’s making sure I HEAR she’s back!
Did you know apples make her burp…? Allot!

Here’s a play by play:

grrounch! (taking a bite)
krew-assh krew-assh krew-assh (chewing)
gulululp (swallowing, yeah she swallows weird!)
bur-few (burping but trying to stop it mid-burp)
repeat this for like 10 minutes.

This all happened at her desk.

Halfway thru her apple I say, ‘you should cut it up in slices, might be easier to eat.’ I thought this was a good suggestion since she might have false teeth.
Her: ‘No, I don’t like it when it gets slimy’ huhn? What kinda apples is she buyin?
Me: ‘I didn’t realize apples made one burp so much.’
Her: ‘They have that effect on me…’
Me: ‘Wow! I’d be embarrassed to eat apples in public…’
Her: ‘Oh, I don’t even realize it anymore.’
Me: ‘Does your husband kid you about it? Does he say ‘now honey, no apple pie for you when we go to Baker’s Square’?’
Her: [laughs] ‘No, he burps more than I do’ ---LOVELY!---

Since I forgot my Ipod I had to share

You know, I think I'm obsessed with her eating habits because as I've noticed, this is my third post about her eating something. click here


  1. OH MY GAAAAAAAAWWWWWD!!! What is wrong with this woman!! Not even after all of those not-so-subtle hints does she get it!!

    The worst for me is to hear people chewing gum in that annoying, perpetual popping way.....GGGRRRRRR! It's like they're chewing bubble wrap!!!

    ps: Slimy apples?! WTF?

  2. Hahaha! That is pretty funny even though that is high up on my list of pet peeves. I hate hearing people chew. The guy in the cube next to me ALWAYS brings pretzels for lunch and he ALWAYS eats at his desk. As soon as I hear the crumple of the bag, I leave to take my break. What a douche.

  3. Perhaps they should pass a law against masticating in a public place ;-)

    Noisy food is one thing. Do you have any smelly food issues?

  4. soemgirl: I'd have to drive a truck on her frosted head for her to "get it"

    gypsy queen: It's one of my pet peeves too! The man who was once married to my mom and calls himself my father is a loud chewer and so is husband Andy...
    ::sigh:: I can't get away from it.

    brian: as unusual as it seems, smelly food doesn't bother me. Maybe it's because I'm so fond of cheese...?


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