Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That smell is Me...

I received an E-Mail from the woman I like to call my mentor with this message:

I tried to respond to your
Tuesday is Ass Day blog and I couldn't save here it is

You make me soooooo proud.
I would like to think that I get some credit for working with you in a dysfunctional environment in your past. It has been rumored that I have little patience for the 'lazy and the stupid' - and that I too.......let them know it. It must just be a rumor as you and I both know that 'I am a FREAKIN PEOPLE PERSON'! right?

Let me just tell everyone that she is sooo awesome! She was my first ever "Office Boss" (before that I was working at --DON'T LAUGH-- Brown's Chicken) she took a chance and hired me based on no office experience and just the fact that I managed a ton of teenagers (which by the way, I'd like to say, was easier than the women I work with now although my theory on that is that they need someone with an "iron fist" as their manager to... you know... smack them around when they're being dumb. I would love to volunteer for the job but I might not be impartial and just beat them up for no reason instead).

Thanks to her I don't attract small animals (and some bears) as I'm walking down the street cuz let me tell you that frying chicken for a living makes that smell seep into every single one of your pores. It took me about a year before I could go into another Chicken joint without it bringing back memories of my chicken slinging days! She has a flair for dealing with people and cutting thru their bullshit!

Why are we no longer working together you ask? No, it was not my raging alcholism! Unfortunately the owner of the company we worked for, sold it to a bigger company as happens with allot of small businesseseseses so yeah it was a sad day... but guess what we had to eat on our last day together? Guess you jerks! BROWN''S CHICKEN yeah I'm not kidding see how everything comes back full circle?

Any-who this made my day and well week too... let's face it what else do I have too look forward to? This made my year!

Now if only Kathy Griffin would send me free tickets to her show in Chicago in October or Husband Andy would instinctively know I want to see her when she comes to Chicago in October (October in Chicago and since my birthday is in November, it's allowed to give me gifts before my birthday, I won't get mad. And yes I know his birthday is in October before mine but this is called Bee's Musings not Andy's Misgivings so... yeah October 20th would be nice).


  1. Sharon. Rosie. Rosie. Kathy. Dr. Krimm, Medicine Woman. Kathy's v.... Imagine the possibilities. Imagine them. Imagine.

  2. duckman: it takes allot of talent to be able to make someone spit out their coffee in laughter! [[Applause]] Congratulations! Now I have to go cuz the “lady” that sits in-front of me wants me to clean her desk…

  3. So, Bee, has the cleanup been completed? I hope I didn't make too much work for you.

  4. duckman: I had to make copies of some of her paperwork, white out coffee stains then copy it again...
    Yeah, took a few minutes but luckily I have an assistant for the summer so I showed her what do then let her loose and I went back to “work”. :o)


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