Friday, June 22, 2007

Marriage Pains

It’s finally Friday! Jeez! How many days came in this week anyway? I think it was like 15 days! Isn’t there a rule against adding days without notifying the proper authorities? Who should we lynch?

So as you know I went to bed really late last night and my better half was not pleased at all (as I predicted).

I have another question/observation for the panel.

Husband Andy doesn’t like the blankets on him when it’s warm outside (the operative word here is ‘outside’). We do however turn our central air on so the temperature outside stays outside and our house gets chilly at night. I cannot for the life of me sleep without at least a sheet on me. Here is the argument… I mean, loving disagreement.

Bee (by the way I was cranky so excuse my mood): Andy, I can’t believe you turned the air on! It’s 60 degrees out-flippin-side! You should have left the windows open!

Andy: ::long suffering sigh::

Bee: Now I’m gonna be cold.

Andy ignores me and goes into the bathroom. He comes out and gets into bed but lays ontop of the blankets.

Bee: Can you please get under the blankets so that I may cover up when I get cold?
Andy: I can’t believe you’re cold!
He doesn’t budge.

Bee: Should I just get up and get a sheet for myself???

Andy: No (he is a man of few words)
He still doesn’t budge.


I yank the sheets but now they’re twisted weird and half my torso isn’t covered.
I then flailingly kick at the mattress little kid tantrum style and this gets the proper reaction from my beloved.

He pulls the blankets off his side and let’s me cover up.

Now, please disregard my mood because this is an argument we have at least 2-3 times a week so it’s getting to be a sore spot for both of us, if anyone has any suggestions as to what would be the compromise please let me know. And by the way I have suggested seperate beds and that has not gone over well so don't suggest that.
Tomorrow's topic: How do you push your spouse off your side of the bed?
P.S. Whoever takes my side gets a cookie.


  1. Ancient Chinese saying goes.....

    Man of few words gets diciplined only half as much.

  2. And it was hot in the house :P

  3. Good answer on the first one Babe, but the house was not hot until you closed the windows...

  4. you can each get a sleeping bag to place on top of the bed. if you want to sleep on it or in it, it's your choice. problem solved.

  5. You get the cookie as soon as I find a receipe for one that contains, lime, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water...
    Sounds yummy!

  6. bunk beds

    Slip him some sleeping pills

  7. Just came your blog from word imperfect. Why not buying separate small blanket, each have one?

  8. Dan: Seperate beds have been vetoed although if you talk to Andy maybe he'll change his mind.

    Marie: I don't condone drug use :o)

    JF: I agree this would be a perfect solution but he just refuses. Men! Can't live with 'em can't leave them in the garage!

  9. how about just making up your side of the bed with the blankets? just leave andy (hi andy!) with a pillow, and all the rest is for you! hi bee!


  10. Hi Jai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When are you coming baaaaaaaaaack!?
    I like your idea by the way.


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