Friday, June 15, 2007


Okay so I want to just vent.
Why is it that people, who are Über responsible, treat the rest of us who are reasonably responsible like we’re nitwits??
I mean I have a job that I can say is very demanding, I work with large accounts and can problem solve my way out of a land mine but for some reason I’m still sometimes treated like a child that needs to be walked thru every step and instruction. It happens to me at work allot because, believe it or not, I’m the youngest one at the office but it really ticks me off when a certain person who shall remain nameless does it to me!

I only need to be given instructions once. I can follow them to a T without them being pinned to my shirt like notes our teacher would send our parents when we were in kindergarten!
I’m soooooo pissed off!


  1. Wow're really not having a good day at all! I empathize with you about someone making you feel like you have no idea what you're doing...that's the reason I am happiest that today was my last day! I hope your weekend get's better!

    Oh...and I know what you mean about the creepy guy's that make your hair stand up. I hate those kind of guys!

  2. Thanks Sarah! My day did get better once I left work cuz then I went to IKEA and bought more stuff for my garden! Hope you sell lots of stuff at your yard sale!

  3. BAD..BAD person who shall remain nameless.

    Next time I recommend you stick a note to thier shirt (on second note might be better..if you stuck him with the pin it might be assault or something) with instructions: 'Open mouth. Give instructions. Close mouth. Walk away.Trip over garbage can. Knock over fake plant. Hide in office.'

    I personally think this a much more effective way of getting your point across and being treated with some respect :-D

    But alas, I am evil like that.

  4. Are you my tiwn???
    Were we seperated at brith cuz we seem to think alike!


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