Thursday, June 28, 2007

We talked about Cheese why not Crackers??

The saga continues!

Today was Scarecrow’s turn for treats and she brought coffee cake, chips ‘n dip and cheese spread for the left over crackers that Cowardly Lion brought last week.

I don’t know what lucky star let’s me be present when these things happen (I think God does have a sense of humor after all) but…
I was in the kitchen getting my daily fix (coffee) when Scarecrow says ‘where’s the box of crackers?’ I SIGHED ‘:: HERE WE GO AGAIN ::!’
Scarecrow opens the cupboards, looks on the bench seat and under the table but these crackers are nowhere to be found. This time I kept my mouth shut and walked away.
I come into the office and tell Milton ‘Scarecrow is looking for the crackers...’ thinking she would think it was funny too…BIG MISTAKE!
Milton has a fit because she was the one that finished the box but she claims there were only “crumbs” in it. She heads to the kitchen and I of course followed because I needed to complete my study of “people who go off their rocker due to lack of snackable items
This is what happened:
Milton to Scarecrow: ‘You know, I didn’t have a fit when the cheese was thrown out!’ (Yes she did)
Scarecrow: ‘I was counting on the crackers for the cheese spread, now what am I gonna do?’ (umm… we’ll live)
Milton: ‘If it’s that big of a deal I’ll leave right now and go buy some!’ (Yes let’s focus on that instead of our jobs)
Glynda: ‘I’ll walk over to the Mini-Mart and buy some…’ (NOOO! Not you too!)
We start work at 8:00 by this time its 8 forty-frickin-five and we are still in the midst of the cracker dilemma! (Yes, I know I could have gone back to my desk but then how would you guys know what happened?)
The solution? Glynda the Office Manager walked to the Mini-Mart to buy crackers.
If I would have been in charge I would have thrown out all the snackies and said ‘NO SNACKS FOR YOU!’
On a brighter note…
I have today and tomorrow and then I’m off on vacation! Woohoo!!!
My little brother Checo is marrying Esmeralda in Mexico and there will be nothing but parties!


  1. I want to get a job at your office, if nothing else it's never as boring as it is here.


  2. ROFL. OMG. That is soooo hilarious.

  3. Isn't it insanity?!
    But Marie's right, at least it's not boring!


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