Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Venting time!

Cast of characters:
Purple Dino-SOUR: Co-Worker
Milton: Co-Worker
Glynda the good witch: direct boss
Scarecrow: X-ray Tech
Wizard of OZ: Big Kahuna Boss
Receptionist: Cowardly Lion

So my Co-Worker the Purple Dino-SOUR (PD for short) did not come in this week after all. She is taking care of her husband who had surgery and they thought one week recovery would be all he needed but it turns out he needs more recuperating time so I feel really bad for both of them. Okay now that I got that outta the way…

Guess who is taking over her duties…? ME! So on top of my work, I have to do hers too! Am I getting a break from my duties? No, not really I’m expected to do all my work and hers. Not only that but when something she normally does isn’t done they look at me like ‘whydya drop the ball’ and I’m like ‘umm, I didn’t know about that…’
Just to clarify I was never trained to take care of her desk so I don’t know everything it entails. I know her desk isn’t hard to take over but there are allot of little nuisance things she does that there is no way I would be aware of them unless I was sitting right next to her watching her every minute of the day and writing this stuff down.
For example today:
The receptionist ran out of appointment cards and was like ‘do you know if there are anymore?’ I said ‘no, why would I know.’ her response ‘well PD orders these and I’m running out’ I said ‘then you better order more because I don’t know how to do it nor do I want to learn’ her answer was ‘well that’s not the response I was looking for’
Now the last time I checked my boss was not the receptionist so all I can say is stick those appointment cards where the sun don’t shine dear!
You know, PD hasn’t even had the courtesy to call and say when she might be coming back. She just called Sunday and said her husband had an appointment on Monday so she couldn’t come in. I think she is just assuming her job will be here no matter how long she’s off so what is the point in calling. Any other place would have had an issue with this and either started looking for a replacement or told her she has take a leave of absence or something! Instead it’s handled by Glynda (the good witch) asking me if I’ve thought to run so and so reports and pick up PD’s messages.
I guess the reason I’m so ticked off about this too is because if I’m off one day when I get back I barely have time to turn on my computer before I’m asked a million questions and have piles on my desk that weren’t there the last time I was at work. Nobody takes over my desk when I’m not here and I guess it’s because it is more complicated than PD’s but for that very reason they should have a solid plan for when she’s not here and not use me as the dumping ground.
I know what everybody is thinking… Job Security! Yeah Yeah Yeah but right now I’m just venting.
Okay here is another vein of frustration. Milton knows the pressure I’m under right now but is she backing the F**k up? No! She is asking me about this account and that account so every time I pull up the accounts in question there are detailed notes from me in there so I say ‘did you read the notes?’ she's replies 'no, I thought you might remember off the top of your head.' so I say 'please tell me why I go thru the trouble of adding detailed notes if no one looks at them?' she laughed and shrugged her shoulders sheepishly trying to be cute and said 'I'm sorry I guess that should be the first place I should look for an answer'
Really? Well I'm glad that you learned something new considering you've been here 3 years longer than I have and lectured me on the importance of adding notes!!!!!!!!!!
All I can think about is Aerosmith's 'Crazy'


  1. Hey there!! Thanks for finding me at my hiding place...I like your nick names for your co-workers. I have a mental picture of the 'purple dinosaur'...Is she an old lady that buys really cheap hair dye? And instead of the "distinguished grey" she thinks she'll get, it comes out looking like she used grape flavored kool-aid? I've rambled...We are both Scorpios!! If you have brothers, than I think you will appreciate my new post...Thanks again.

  2. Can we trade jobs for a week or even a day?

    I think I would rather deal with a PD than the %$*&%&*^#@@*%&$(@%^@$&%^*&#@$%@&#$^@#&$*^ that I deal with every day...

    Hope your day got better :)

  3. I think it really sucks when you are the only one with common sense at a job. I've been there before. You just want to slap everyone and say WTF??? Get a brain!

    Hope the rest of your week goes better!


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