Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dark Mood

I had a bad night last night.

I had trouble sleeping and now I'm crabby and ready to shred anybody that crosses my path (except Niece Natalia, she gave me air kisses this morning).

Isn't it horrible to have these types of days? I mean horrible for the people around you because just cuz you're a bear doesn't mean the rest of the peeps should suffer your wrath.

Well... maybe just a little like if they ask you if the coffee is done when your walking with a full cup of steaming black liquid, then they're fair game! 'No coffee isn't done, this stuff in my cup is molten lava I gathered from the Volcano in our parking lot!'

How about when people say 'oh, you're here' and you want to say 'no honey, old age is making you see things! I'm actually in Hawaii enjoying a Pina Colada'

Crabby Crabby Crabby!

Those of you who know me know I'm the oldest of my siblings... I don't think I like saying I'm the oldest... I'm the elder of my siblings? No that sounds like I'm in a cult!

Okay my mom had me first and then the rest of my siblings, yeah that sounds better. Anyway I think the big sister in me feels really useless when something happens to my little bros or sis and I can't do anything about it.

It's funny cuz they're all old enough to handle their problems but I still want to go in there with a wrecking ball and remove their obstacles so their path is easy and open. I think I need therapy cuz then I become obsessive.

Sometimes I wonder if all families are like mine. I mean we argue with each other, although it seems as though now that we're older we don't argue as much, but we are there to support each other no matter how crazy we think the other is. We have helped each other thru thousands of problems and have always been only a phone call away. I hope other people are as lucky as I am!

For those of you who need family support let me offer you to join mine.

First there's Sergio (Checo), he is the entertainer and no matter what he does you just can't stay mad at that turkey! His confidence in everything makes you feel like the world is conquerable.

Second is Danny, he is the strong, silent, tells you like it is dude. Have a problem he'll help you solve it!

Third is Nancy, she will go in and punch out anyone who says something bad about her loved ones and ask questions later. I call her the big guns cuz if you want to completely annihilate something or someone she's the one to call.

Fourth is Rick, he has an opinion about everything and if you need someone to argue your case he will have those people seeing double and agreeing with him just so he will stop talking. He is a big softy (even though he won't admit it) and is probably the most talented of the bunch.

The above are my siblings. Now on to the rest of the cast that makes this family unit complete.

My mommy who raised 5 smart-ass-know-it-alls almost single-handedly (with help from my Grandpa 'Papi Tino' and my Grandma 'Mami Pola' they played pivotal roles in our upbringing)
My husband Andy who keeps me both sane and insane (depending on the subject matter) Ying and Yang babe what else can I say.
There is sister-in-law Marie who is the life of the party and if I have to walk down a dark alley I want her to be one of the ones watchin' my back. (And also I wish I could be as organized as she is)
There is future sister-in-law Esmeralda who is kookier than Sergio. I wonder how they found each other amongst all the rabble rousers?! She's a CPS teacher and for that she has my respect although she is often quoted as saying she is only as smart as fifth grade...
There is brother-in-law Cameron the Texan, he is a great father to little Niece Natalia and anybody that makes Nancy laugh deserves a high five! (although I'd have to stand on a ladder to do it)


Little Niece Natalia, she is only 4 years old but can hold a conversation with you and dissect the logic of your comments so that you understand that what you just told her doesn't make sense. Example:
Yesterday I gave her some potato chips and she stuffed like 3 in her mouth at the same time so I told her 'honey bunny, don't put that many in your mouth because your throat is only this big (with my right hand I made a small circle with thumb and index finger) and if you try to swallow all those, this will happen (I tried to stick all 5 fingers of my left hand thru the circle of my right hand) see how they won't go thru?'
I'm gonna tell you that I was pretty pleased with myself in giving her this example.
Well this little incarnation of everything good and beautiful in the world said to me.
'Tia Bee, when you put something in your mouth and chew on it, it turns into mushy stuff like this (she opened her mouth to show me the mushy stuff) and then you can swallow it like this (she swallowed). See it went thru.'

I almost fell off my chair with laughter! She got me! There are few people that can leave me speechless but she's the leader of the pack! She's got us all wrapped around her little finger!

You know what? I feel better. As cheesy as giving Homage to my family was, I feel a great deal better!

So Turkeys I'm happy to be a part of this somewhat functional family! I'd sooner live without my eyesight than live without you guys!

GROUP HUG! Get in here Marie!

Nana Pancha by Pedro Infante below


  1. so..I'm the strong one ? Sweeeeet

  2. Hey! Happy to see you here! :o)

  3. There’s someone missing on this list…

    That’s YOU!

    You are the voice of reason! You are the one we go to when we need someone to look at a problem fairly and when we need help with MAMA. I know I wouldn’t be the “BIG GUNS” if I didn’t have my sister there as my backup!


    Ok, I’ll stop ‘cause I’m getting all emotional now…


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