Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More new words from the the Trib

I found this info in the Tribune on some new word suggestions:

Hangry: When hunger morphs to anger -by 'Amy Reynaldo'

Invertibrats: people involved in spineless behavior -by ‘Gary Courington’

Drunch: brunch with too much liquor -by ‘no name’

Graybicle: Cubicle with no view -by ‘no name’

and the winner was:

Newsrotica: obsession with salacious news stories -by David Epstein

I think I like 'HANGRY' the best. I know tons of people that get HANGRY!


  1. I still prefer your noxopik and igduas. Personally they would have (okay..okay..they will..) become regular parts of my vocabulary.

    I'm already thinking of all the wonderful looks on all those snooty little league moms when I comment what 'wonderful noxopik's they've raised. They should be so proud.'

    HAAHAHEEE. (k. That was supposed to be evil cackle. Just go with it.)


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