Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who Moved The Cheese???

Sometimes I think there are hidden cameras and our office is being broadcast across the universe as the number one sitcom. No way could writers script the stuff that goes on here.
Glynda asked me if I wanted summer help this year. I told her yes, since we were down one person, she could probably help the whole office. She started yesterday. Nice young lady probably in her late teens and a college student. I asked her to start training with Cowardly Lion (CL/Receptionist) so that CL could learn and take on some of Purple Dino-SOUR’s work. CL thought this was a great idea last week but then changed her mind Friday so I had to tell her tough cookies (in a semi-nice way). Anyway I digress.
We will call the new young lady Dorothy since she seems nice and intelligent (although in my opinion that character was a little naïve).
Flashback to Thursday, Glynda decided to clean out and defrost the mini fridge. While she was chipping away at the ice she punctured the little freezer thing, White smoky stuff came out and it made a horrible noise. The little fridge was dead. Every Thursday it’s the designated duty of “The Kitchen Marm” to bring treats and since it was CL’s turn she brought cake, cheese and crackers.
Flash Forward to Monday.
Dorothy and I happened to have lunch at the same time. We’re sitting there talking about skiing or something when suddenly…!
In comes Milton, she opens the mini fridge and says ‘who threw out the cheese?!’ She looked at me I shrugged I don’t know. She stands there glaring and started muttering. She picks up the phone in the kitchen and pages the CL. ‘did you take your cheese home?!’ CL said no. Milton then started saying how people have no regard for anyone and it was allot of cheese to be thrown out. I said, very carefully so as not to scare her into attacking me, ‘the fridge is broken, if the cheese stayed in there over the weekend it was probably bad by now.’
Milton said ‘I’m not a picky eater and if I haven’t died by now for eating bad cheese I don’t think I will.’ (she really said that) I said, ‘right, you haven’t died but diarrhea is not a good thing to have just for a couple of slices of cheese.’ she said she thinks it was Scarecrow who threw it out so now she’s going hunting!

I looked at Dorothy and said ‘my life and welcome to it!’ she sweetly said ‘Wow, at least now you’ll have someone younger than our moms to talk to!’ I could have hugged her but I had to let her know I was the grand old age of 29 hrump! okay 34.

Top that “The Office”!

I wonder if one of my coworkers has a blog that complains about me…? If anybody comes across a blog that talks about a Napoleonesque Tyrant let me know.


  1. ROFLMAO. Wow. I didn't realize cheese could be that important to someone!!! Not only would it have been bad..it would have been all furry *shiver*

  2. You are too funny.


    You could be ToeToe (LOL)

  3. Chris: Yup these are the major issues in our office. Bad Cheese and missing crackers! :o)

    Marie: I refuse to be carried around in a basket...


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