Monday, June 25, 2007

Dangerous Haircuts and The Gay Pride Parade!

So I went to get my haircut on Saturday (before the jokers start, yes I got them all cut). Now, in allot of cases, a woman’s main source of vanity is her hair. In my case it’s about 70% so it is mine anyway (the other 30% are my shoes).
I love having long hair, I love styling it in different ways depending on what outfit I’m wearing. I like it when I’m going somewhere casual (campground) and asking my sis to braid my hair. This all ended on Saturday June 23, 2007 at approximately 9:45 A.M.
Where were you?
My trusted hair stylist did something dreadful! He gave me a weird shaggy mullet style that the last time it was “popular” was in the 80’s-90’s. Since my hair is naturally curly, I’m talking about layers, bangs and feathered hair here.
On Saturday I thought ‘okay, tomorrow when I shower and style it myself it’ll be better’
On Sunday I’m thinking ‘okay, today was humid so it made my hair curlier but tomorrow it’ll be fine once I style it and put make up on and dress up nice for work.’
I had to put on hairpins up the wazoo, enough hairspray (non aerosol by the way) to stop a speeding bullet and it still looks like crap!
Normally I would have called my hair stylist and given them hell but frankly I’m a little scared of mine. He’s told me stories of fights he’s had in various clubs and at the Gay Pride Parade so… yeah…
I’ve been going to him for years now and the majority of the time I’m happy with my hair but this time I could just scream every time I look in the mirror (jokers: no, it’s not my face that scares me)!
Now my only options are kicky hats and head scarves, hmmm... I don’t think I can pull either off. Maybe a nice wig?
I hope he’s not reading this because I’ll have some groveling to do when I go back to him.
Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment!
Maybe I should just Rock this style and claim it’s “in”, all the ladies here try to be like me so can you imagine all of them in their late 50s early 60s going for the Bon Jovi look?



  1. Hi Bee,

    Your hair look's good IN any way that you out it up!

    Love Mom R.

  2. Thanks, I'm feelin' the love! :o)

  3. Okay, ready?

    blow dry it..NO lazy arms! This means holding the brush up over your head with hair in it while drying.


    Straight Iron it.

    This happened to me. I did yell at my stylist. Turned out it looked fine when I actually did this (he told me too..I just didn't listen).

    If all this fails...e-mail me and I'll send you to Joliet to meet Dale. He'll fix ya up and he's great ;-)

  4. Thanks Chris, I guess I should stop being so lazy!
    I start work at 8:00 am and usually wake up at 7:15 which gives me exactly 55 minutes to be 10 minutes late for work. But your right if I spend more time fixing my hair I'll be less crabby and somewhat pleasant to my coworkers... well at least back to my normal self anyway. :o)

  5. Ahhh the "Haircut from Hell" I've gotten 3 of those. Not pretty. I'm currently still growing out the last one....She cut some bangs---only she felt bangs should start at the TOP of my head. To my horror, she said she "layered" and "thinned" them out to give me a "choppy" look...WTF! It was the UGLIEST thing you have ever seen. I wanted to stab her with a comb...I wept.

  6. Somegirl: thanks for the sympathy. I think that's what my stylist did. He cut my bangs starting at the nape of my neck! :o)


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