Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Afternoon

Today started weird so I shouldn’t be surprised it’s continuing to be an odd day. My office has been on a somewhat vacation this week because the head honcho, the Wizard of Oz, took this week off. Added to that The Purple Dino-SOUR is off too so I’ve enjoyed this week allot thank you very much!
Now I don’t know whether to feel sad or happy that it’s Friday!
I’ll make a Pros and Cons list:

PRO: I’m off at 3:00 today since the Wizard isn’t here I don’t have my Friday meeting.
PRO: I told my mommy and Niece Natalia that we will be going to IKEA so I guess that’s a definite thing to look forward with the exception of…
CON: Spending too much money
CON: Monday marks the return of the Wizard and a continuation of our frenzied work life.
PRO: Dan and Marie are having a garage sale Saturday which will include yummilicious food (Hopefully Puerto Rican rice, hint hint)
CON: Monday marks the return of the Purple Dino-SOUR and her saccharine phony sweetness.
PRO: I get to wake up late (well to be honest, I wake up late everyday so maybe that one should only count 1/3 of a point)
PRO: Milton has been upset with Glinda (the good witch) all week so I don’t have to hear about it for 2 days.

OKAY Here is the biggest PRO of all!!!!!!!!! I just looked up at my ceiling seeking inspiration from the fluorescent light bulbs and noticed a millipede or centipede or whatever-the f**k-you-wanna-call-it-pede trying to get out of the screen thing that’s covering the bulbs!
It is seriously about an inch and a half long! WTF! That’s all I can think about now so I’ll be happy when I can get the hell outta here! It just keeps walking back and forth back and forth…
Okay, now anything that touches my face or legs is freaking me out! I took a pic of it with my cell phone but you can’t see it that well. SEE IT?



    Now I'm looking all around me making sure there's nothing on me!!!!

    Thanks Bee!!! I'm already freaking out over the cicadas and now this!!!!

  2. OMG! I cannot concetrate on anything thinking it's gonna fall on me!

  3. So what happened with the BUG?

  4. It was still there when I left! :o(

  5. **shiver**

    Okay, if I'd known you had bugs crawling around this blog, I probably wouldn't have visited ;-)


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