Monday, June 18, 2007

Made up Words

So Chicago hosted an Open Mic for New Words. You had to Say the word you came up with and give a definition and basically defend it once they questioned you. That got me to thinking about words that I would invent.

How about:

igduas = ignorant dumb ass
I guess that would be too hard to say so maybe it wouldn’t be that popular for anybody but me. 'Purple Dino-SOUR you igduas!'

noxopik = obnoxious pickle
Sounds good but when would you use it in a sentence? ‘John Boy broke my lamp, he is such a noxopik!’

jabammello = jabber motor mouth-HELLO- someone who won’t stop talking and you’re trying to get their attention 'Jabammello! Thank goodness, I thought you'd never shut up!'

logic = yeah, I know this one exists but people don’t put it to use!

You know what…?

I’m mean! :o)


  1. Shiuck!!! Google keeps forgetting my password!!!

  2. ROFLMAO!!! OMG. You have me absolutely cracking up!

    I'd type more..really..I would but I'm still laughing to hard.


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