Monday, June 11, 2007

Your a Little Bit Country-I'm a little bit Rock and Roll!

Okay so is Country music "in" right now?
Admittedly I'm more into everything but country with the few exceptions of like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Reba (because of her TV show that rocked!) oh I guess there's Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and I've been known to hum along to some Garth Brookes songs (wow I didn't realize I knew so many country singers!)
Any-whoo, I was listening to my station 101.9 in Chicago and they were talking about the (forgive me if I'm spelling this wrong) Bodonka-donk song and some song about looking for ticks and then they played 'Before He Cheats' by Carrie Underwood and I thought 'COOL SONG!' Husband Andy of course thought I was nuts and did not like the subject matter at all but now when it comes on I raise the volume and shake my fist at Andy, he knows...!
Then I was talking to my sister Nancy who married a TEXAN from Texas and we were talking about this song. She has become a big country music fan (she's even been to some concerts Toby somebody and some other dude) so she was making fun of me when her Texan said (John Wayne voice) 'Carrie Underwood ain't country, pilgrim' Just kiddin on the John Wayne thing but he did say she wasn't country soooo...
Am I a closet country fan? I do have a Shania Twain CD but I just bought it cuz of the 'Looks like we made it song'...
Nah, I can't be a closet country music fan right? I just appreciate music that tells a man exactly what they're gonna get if they cheat.
If I do start liking country music is there a pill I can take to get better??????
I kid, I kid because I love. Seriously guys I'm just kidding! Nancy don't send the big Texan after me! :o)
Talk to Y'all later!
P.S If you click on the title to this post it will take you to her video of the above mentioned song in case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard it.


  1. Bee...being from KY, I am a big country music fan. That being said...I like pretty much everything, except really heavy metal. I see where the Texan is coming from, because the big names in country today probably wouldn't be considered "Country" by the oldies but goodies. I know lots of the newbies have been shunned to a degree by the "County" singers, and even by some fans for being too "Pop". I do really like Carrie Underwear...Oops, I mean Carrie Underwood though. Carrie Underwear is what Hubby and I call her to be silly. After all, she is every mans fantasy isn't she?? :-)

    How are your plants and your bugs??

    If I haven't said it lately...thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog!!

  2. Cool! My Texan is logged in so I don't have to create an account...

    Anyway, I think you are a closet country music fan and are having a hard time coming out...

    I think you started breaking everyone in with Carrie Underwood but soon you will have links for videos for George Straight, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn...

    Love yah!

    Your Sis (This is not the Big Texan) :)

  3. Ladies thank you for your comments! :o)
    Carrie Underwood does rock and I suppose I will be buying her CD or actually Andy will be buying her CD for me (I have a rep to protect!)
    Sarah, my plants are doing better and the bugs are gradually dwindling. I think I'm gonna miss that noise they make when they're gone!
    Nancy DBA Cameron:
    I have known you since you were knee high to a Cicada you better watch what you say little missy! :o) Say Hi to the Big Texan haven't seen him in a while...


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