Monday, September 22, 2008

LIVE FROM THE LAUNDROMAT! [Disclaimer, I may or may not be home already since it would have been 540 million giggleybites to send to blogger!]

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you left a plastic bag in a dryer??

Wonder no more! I know what you're thinking! "Wow! A cool new craft for my kiddies!"

All for only $99.99!!

[Plastic Sold Separately!]

BeeCo Patent Pending.



  1. Are your those are not your undies?

  2. DAN!! I stopped wearing plastic underwear when I turned 30!

    I can control my pee now.

  3. I thought it was an athletic supporter. #3 on the list of reasons I don't go to the laundrymat.

  4. Haha...I like that arts and crafts project. Just add glitter ;-)

  5. Just a heads up for your male readers, Bee.

    Do NOT use condoms that have been through a commercial clothes dryer.

    Consider that a Public Service Announcement from me and my son, Trojan.

  6. It looks like a bee hive. Ironically enough, your name is Bee. Hmmm, I think you did that on purpose, haha.

    buzz buzz

  7. Mike:
    That would have been one HUGE... athlete!

    Only $99.99!! Get it while it lasts!!

    I washed the bag I brought my quilt in and then without knowing, it also went into the dryer. oops!

    Ha ha ha! I wish I had a cool story about my conception but all I have is that I was an immaculate conception. (:o}

    Ha! It does doesn't it! Damn! I threw it out! I should have tried putting some weed in there.

  8. LOL! That's something I would do!

  9. At least it comes out in one piece. This totally trumps those damn tissues that SOME people in my house keep leaving in their(screw it, I'm gonna say HIS) pockets when I do the wash!

  10. What did the clothes come out like? Are they polka-dotted with plastic?

  11. Hey! Now that I know it doesn't melt to the clothes, I'm just gonna skip that step of actually taking them outta the bag before throwing them in!!


    I need more sleep.

  12. Only $100? I'm going to buy ALL my crappy old plastic here. You know it makes sense!

  13. I've never seen the plastic bag trick before... NEAT!

    but if you like that... you need to try washing a pull-up.

    yeah.. oh... and trying it too.

  14. Sixteenth!
    Seriously thought that was underwear when I opened it up on my screen. I'm at work so I gasped a little bit. But no worries, it's just plastic. Wait? Are they plastic underwear?

  15. Oh, I see someone already posted something about plastic underwear. Here I thought I was being clever. Not clever at all. Boo. But hurray for you recycling.

  16. Kirsten, do you get scolded by an irritated husband too?? Ha ha.

    I always check my pockets and Andy doesn’t believe in tissues. I don’t even want to know.
    But! We do our laundry in separate machines so it’s all good.

    Weirdly, it didn’t melt onto our clothes or the machine. The plastic came out hard and in one piece.

    Okay but don’t tell anyone it was my idea. I already have one too many lawsuits going.
    I need more sleep too.

    Um, this is so embarrassing. The fine print clearly says plastic not included. Sorry. But! I’ll still take the $100. (plus an additional 79.99 for shipping and handling)

    I’ve washed my pillows so I kinda know what might happen.

    I thought so too but the hubs was not amused. He gave me a frowny face.

    Congrats on being 16th! and 17th!

    Of course you’re clever. I will disregard brother Dan’s comment.

  17. A real man could get 12 more years out of those undies...

  18. VE!!:
    Wow. I’d hate to do your laundry!

  19. did you know you could lightly melt a styrofoam cup in the oven and it comes out looking like a ghost?

  20. jean knee:
    Really? I happen to have some environment killing cups, I'll try it tonight!

    By lightly you mean not 500 degrees for an hour right?

  21. You said "left in the dryer". Why was the plastic bag put into the dryer in the first place?

  22. Julia:

    As afore mentioned, I, Bee Lastname, am a googley-moogley who washed the plastic bag I had brought my quilt in.

    I, Bee Lastname, did not notice I had washed it so I proceeded to transfer the contents of the washer into the high heat drying apparatus because I am a ninny muggins. I was henceforth where onto with relish, reprimanded by the custodian of my soul, one Andrew Husband.


    All for $99.99! Get them while they last!

  23. Women who can wiggle like you don't need to be good at laundry Bee :>)

  24. Ahh..looks like my knit thingy..kinda

  25. Thank goodness those aren't your undies... they're full of holes.

    Wait, that might not be a bad thing.

    Lemme ask the guys...

  26. I like how it made little dimples.

    Pretty cool craft Bee!

  27. John:
    Try it with a diaper. Not on you...

    Thanks! I do owe you my wiggle though! :o)

    Dani C:
    We are both soooo creative!
    (although mine was accidental)

    What are you talking about? Holes in undies for what purpose?? ;op

    Thanks! It just came to me!

    Smart girl! You hide the evidence!

  28. What's the shipping, handling and dryer repair?


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