Monday, September 29, 2008

Bee's Musings, it's not just for slow people anymore.

Here is something sad I hadn't thought about until yesterday. I am going to have to dye my hair all one color again! :o(

(okay, it doesn't look as red as it used to but it's still sad)

I don't want to go on an interview and have them wonder if a skunk on its period died on my head.


I met with a flood specialist today to help us with our claim because it seems the word flood can be misinterpreted in many ways. For example, when I say "flood", I might mean "please give me a cup of tea" or "please come whack me with a 2x4 while stepping on my tongue".
My mistake in thinking it meant "a large amount of water that ruins pretty shoes"!

But I'm not bitter.

Anyway, this guy was very nice (I'd say he was cute too but with my luck, this will be the one post Andy reads and he'll chase me around the house with a wire cutter)(because he's violent like that) and gave me some great advice on home repair. He seemed sympathetic to our plight and I'm sure it helped that my mom was following us around, doing her best impersonation of the The Suffering Madonna! Just kidding. She's been great and has only complained about my disorganization and bad housekeeping about 1,471,945 times. I expected more so that's been a nice surprise.

I'm hoping things will workout otherwise I am going to do some serious insurance ass kicking via every medium available! TV, Radio, Billboards, Internet pop up ads that feature me jumping up and down screeching like a velociraraptor... you name it!

In other news, I put up my resume at a very prestigious medical billing group on Sunday and got a call today. Yeah, that's how kick ass my res is*. And every word is true. I did not embellish a single thing about me and my experience. I just rock that hard.

The lady seemed very interested until she asked if I was firm on what I wanted to get paid. I said 'yup definitely' cuz I need to be rewarded for being me, you know? That's when she told me that the yearly cap for that position is approximately what I make in 7 months but the benefits were fabulous! I had to say 'no' to her generous offer to slam me down a few rungs on the ladder.

Still, it gave me a nice little ego boost to know someone called me the day after I sent my resume.

Things at the Asylum are business as usual. Glynda squints at me and fake-smiles while I bare my teeth and give her a half grimace. That is my version of the Mexican Stand-Off(ice)-bitch.

Which reminds me, Glynda needs a new name. She can no longer be called the good witch. As always any suggestions you bring forth will be appreciated.

Speaking of rewarding me. I've received 2 cool awards and one cool song.
First, The FLy from After Dinner Mint said this song is all about yours truly. I have to say that I am easy on the ears and have a groovy beat! And the lyrics: "Making people scared will get you very far"... Thanks FLy!

Here's me dancing to my song.

Jenboglass from Steenky Bee (I LOVE THE NAME OF HER BLOG!) says she's hooked on the Musings. Thank you Jenboglass!

And last but not least! My favorite West Virgini-a-nite would like me to let the world know that my blog rocks! Thank you Tracy! And keep an extra bed of hay for me in your barn. :o)

Here I am all humble like and getting all these awards. It's a good thing they don't go to my head!

*Believe it or not, my resume was polished up by the one and only Brother Dan from Dan, The People's Blogger infamy.



  1. Is that you in the pic or is that really a dead skunk on its period, haha. It looks nice, the red is still pretty visible. Looks cute, I like it. But if you are worried because of what interviewers might think, well then, dye it and then dye it again once you get a new job. They cant fire you for looking cute. I can call you cute right, your husband isnt going to chase you with wire cutters right. I know how he stalks you when we are chatting, haha.

    Thanks for the shout out, you know, if you call me cute, Ill make sure your husband doesnt chase you with wire cutters, haha.

    Keep up the good blogging and maybe you'll get another song. No one has ever gotten two from me, but who knows, there's a first time for everything.

    buzz buzz

  2. Kuddos for you girl for tell'em them that your ass is worth more than that! I thought I would stop by and see you I have been IM with!

  3. So what colour are you going to dye your hair? It'll have to be something that'll cover up the red. How about purple?

  4. Now you can go job hunting with a song in your heart! And Momma in your ear by the sounds of it. A flood ruins pretty shoes? I always wondered what the worst thing about a flood was, thanks for informing me :>)

  5. hey Bee you can put semi-permanent dye on yer hair and still keep the red-washes out in 12 shampoos or some such thing

    also insurance sux

  6. Can I just tell you that I actually gasped out loud at your hair?! Even louder than the lewd vegetable that you had posted a few days ago. (Your description of you eating it made me scream laugh!)

    Please don't change that hair. It, my friend, is completely balls. I mean that in the bestest way. I love it. I love it so much that I want to marry it. You have just earned 10 more cool points in my Happy Days game. You are so close to being The Fonze, you don't even know it.

  7. Good call on the song. Very few people know it, but Dolly Parton's 9 to 5 was actually written with me in mind. True.

    Good luck with the job hunting!

  8. Glynda's new name... how about the Wonder-Wanker Witch?

    Hope you have black thigh-high boots with red stripes on them too?

    Mexican Stand-Off(ice,) witch, cute.

    Kick some ass on your flood ins. quest!

  9. Hmmm...Harpy Bitch O'Doom is already taken.

    For Glynda, how about an Italian flair? capo di tutti assholes?

    or perhaps a Latin feel? Sphincter Rex?

  10. I like your hair, too bad you have to get rid of the color.

  11. Keep the hair.. It looks great!

    Oh, female Glenda, eh?

    How about the new and improved ID-10-T Glenda 3000?

    Not only can it tell others what to do, it now comes in a variety of shapes!

    There's Dumpy Glenda, who looks like she just got out of the nastiest trailer in the park, and still doesn't realize she's got puke on her shoes!

    There's Fatty Overweight Glenda, with the dress that is two sizes too small, and she doesn't seem to care!

    There's the Not-Me Glenda, with pointing finger action grip!

    And finally, there's Office Wonder Glenda, complete with Sidekick Bee to really get the work done!

    Yes, you can enjoy each and every Glenda Office figure at a store near you!

    Best of luck in getting the house back into shape! I hate fixing mine, but it does need to get done, doesn't it?

  12. Well, congrats on the callback, even if the job situation didn't pan out.

    And I dunno, I kinda like the hair. Maybe you just need to find a place that isn't hair prejudiced. :)

  13. I wish i could pull off red right now i cant even pull off these dark ass roots i got growing out my head!

    Glenda 2 point 0?

  14. you go girl! hold out for a salary that you can actually live on - unless the recession gets so bad we are standing in bread lines and then you might want to reconsider.

  15. You know, your work plight was the motivation for my post today (Tue)...

  16. Bee! Do not be alarmed if you check your stats and are all "Um, why is FADKOG totally stalking me!?" I am not. I'm not saying I wouldn't if I were inclined to that behavior. I'm just saying a lot of people had the nerve to interrupt me as soon as I clicked over to your blog, leaving me (and you, in a sense) hanging!

    I made them pay. They shall no longer do this to me (and you, in a sense).

    As soon as you get another job, you get that red stripe put back in. Maybe your mom can do it for you. You two must be saints. I'd never make it with my mom any closer than she already is!

  17. Hey Bee, since Ive already given you an award but enjoy reading your blog and Im pretty sure you have some hispanic decent in you, which basically makes us cousins. I thought you would love this song go check it out, its on my blog.

    buzz buzz

  18. Bee. I need you to know that you are my favorite sister. There is nobody else's opinion I value more than yours. I think you're mom's favorite too.
    You are also the smartest of her five children. When I grow up, I want to be JUST LIKE YOU!

    Brother Dan.

  19. WTF???

    I just now noticed the title. what do you mean slow people.....

  20. You get flooded, and Leigh is still without water. What a cruel and unusual planet we live on.

    In regards to a new name for Glynda, I'd opt for Omarosa.

    I don't know if you ever watched the Apprentice, but she was a grade-A byatch!

  21. @ Jean Knee...

    What do YOU mean, slow people?

  22. My wifey has to make the money so I can be a stay at home dad without the dad part. Almost as good as my dream job at Blockbuster (yea I know ><)

  23. Fly:
    Way to get me in trouble dude! ;op

    Wzup Jamie?? I'm cuter in chat aren't I?

    Purple??? BRIAN! And risk being nicknamed purple dino-SOUR??
    It would have to be all black.

    It ruins all the pretty shoes. :o(

    jean knee:
    Good idea! And insurance does suck. :o(

    Ha ha! Thanks! You're pretty cool yourself! :o)

    Well, it could have been worse. She could have had a song called 7 to 4:30. Who the hell wants to wake up that early?

    And thanks!

    "Wonder Wanker Witch" bwahahahaha!!

    I'd prefer Sphincter Rex. It has a certain ass-holeness to it.

    Yeah, I'm so sad about it.

    Dude! I ain't nobody's side kick! I'm either the main character or I start a blog! :o)

    I love it! I can say it's against my coolness to change it.

    You'd be surprised how good people look in red!

    Yeah, I'm not jumping ship until I find something otherwise I'll stay put and ride out the storm.

    You got my suggestion...

    Ha ha!! Don't worry, I knew you'd come to check out my hair again and again. I'm hoping to land another place that is semi-lenient. Fingers crossed!


    It was great!

    You are sooo going to kill me when you see that!

    jean knee:
    Ummm well, you see uh I meant me! :o)

    BRILLIANT!! Omarosa it is!!


    The wifey? Make the money? No way dude, I enjoy riding on your coat tails!

  24. Good on you stickin' to your salaried principles! And I like the red too. Maybe if you just strategically placed a fashionable hat over it, you could keep the red?


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