Sunday, September 14, 2008

Update Flood 2008 part deux!!!

Because my family can't get through to see mom ME ME ME(!) I have to give them a photo linky but you are welcome to click! :o)

We are currently in a bizarro roach motel, we can't get out but no-one can get in either. Whatever! At least we don't have to go to work tomorrow! Woohoo! (TAKE THAT BRIAN!)

Before you go and analyze each picture to see if you see me, I was the one taking all the pictures so it's a negative for you charlie. Unless you see the reflection of an angel, then it's me.
Click on flood 2008 ->
FLOOD 2008

Hopefully not coming to a theater near you! Which reminds me! I was going to see the new Brad Pitt flick!! OKAY NOW THINGS JUST GOT RIDICULOUS!


  1. omg, bee! i'm so glad you are ok. i can't believe the pictures! i thought we had to bad. we are still in austin and haven't gone home yet. our neighborhood has power but no water. ick. stay safe.

  2. bee...happy you are okay. Floods suck...and ebb and flow as well.

  3. :( :( :(

    Stupid flood.
    Stay away from all that yucky water and don't go anywhere. K? Promise!


  4. Beeeeeee! I had no idea you were THAT close to the CORE of the flood! Eek! We're up in Lake County, so we're at least *upstream* and got less than that.

    Funny - so many of the pics you took were the same scenes on the news tonight.

    So, uh, what hotel are ya in? LOL We could TRY to swim and snag ya on our way to the Shedd tomorrow... heh.

    No, but seriously? Just glad you're okay. And HOORAY for no work! LOL =P Stay put, and keep DRY! No bath for you (ya know, unless you dare to brave the swamp waters that is the local streets). *skeevy*

  5. Geez, Bee. I decide to take a blog break for the weekend and you go and get all swept away. I'm sorry to hear, but glad everyone/every thing is ok.

    Or as good as it can be.

  6. Leigh"
    Thanks! I'm glad you're okay too! Mother nature is such a btich and we should tear out her vagina.

    Ha ha! Thanks. :o)

    Todo bien amiga, por la gracia de Dios estamos bien.

    I promise. ;op

    ALL OF THAT WAS AROUND US. Each thing they showed we are withing feet from. The sandbaggers, the motorcycle place, the house.
    The guy was standing a block away from me and they were telling people not even to bother coming to my town. Infamous. ;o)

    I blame you. So there! :o)

  7. Another day off? This time I'm not jealous, since I wouldn't want to have a flooded house to deal with...

  8. Wow, that sucks. I remember when we had a flood. It sucked. Our house wasnt touched but it still sucked because we couldnt go anywhere.

    Anyway, I gave you an award. Dont worry, its not the same boring award that everyone gets, haha. Go check it out.

  9. Hope things get back to "normal", at least to "Bee-Normal" soon!

  10. Ugh. Great pictures but what a pain in the ass. You MUST save the shoes!!!

    Good luck with digging out of the muck!

  11. I feel your pain. I live a block off the Fox River, not terribly far from where you are. Before this week I never thought I'd have both an unbelievable amount of love for and animosity towards bags of sand. Floods suck.

  12. Whatever you may have lost Bee, your sense of humor hasn't been! Stay safe, thanks for the photos.

  13. Glad you're all safe.

    No wading out there for you missy! Although I would like to see a picture of you in fisherman waders..
    How's the spider bite?

  14. it's driving me NUTS that I can't go and see that you guys are ok :(

  15. That's a lot of water!

    But glad to hear you two are okay. You can always replace things, but as long as you two are okay.

  16. Couldn't you use your work staff as a human water barrier to avoid such catastrophies. It's the latest in team building events...

  17. I don't think you should be making jokes. None of this funny. Losing things isn't funny. I'm sure people in Texas are not going around making jokes.
    What is the obsession with Brad Pitt? He has an ass face.

  18. Glad you're okay! Brian and I will be round with straws to help get rid of the water.

  19. Brian:
    Well too bad for you because it's been fun!

    The Fly:
    Thanks dude! I love it! :o)

    From your lips...

    Shoes before husband, CHECK! Thanks. :o)

    I go to St. Charles and walk along the Fox River. Yeah floods suck. Hope you're okay.

    Thanks Bill! I try. ;o)

    Ha Ha I was looking for rain boots but the freakin store sold out! Spider bite is till gooey. :o)

    We are okay. Just tired and cold. and wanting something other than pizza.

    jean knee:

    We sure are! We have only had about 10 fights which is great! ;op

    Where the hell were you on Saturday?? I could have used that advice back then!

    Listen, it does nobody any good for me to sit on my pity-pot and cry. How will the cleaning get done? I don't think I can even FIND my pity-pot, maybe it got washed away.

    Well umm I don't have straws but I have a couple of huge hoses you guys can use! As a landmark, make a left on the floating white mini-van! :o)

  20. I must agree with anonymous, Brad Pitt does have an ass face.

  21. I told you to come stay at my house Bee! Why are you in a roach motel when you could be at Rambling Acres????
    Why must you make me worry about you all the time?
    Stay safe and don't leave any food out uncovered. The roaches like that.

  22. Hey Anon? This is coming from someone who knows a thing or two about things that aren't funny. There comes a time when things are just so bad that if you don't laugh all you'll do is cry and as Bee said, crying gets you nowhere.

    God, I hate anon commenters who say shit like that! I've got your back Bee!

  23. And Brad Pitt DOES NOT have an assface.

  24. Best wishes from the Hendersons--glad to hear you're going ok Bee.

  25. I hope you get back to normal soon!
    Floods are dumb!!!!

  26. Still wishing you well. I hope you're doing alright! Just after your birthday? Yuck.

  27. I'm glad you are okay, but oh---the flooding sucks.

    Our house flooded TWICE when I was a child & we had to have a restoration company & take out all of our stuff, clean it or write it off as irreparable, and it was just miserable!

    I'm so sorry you guys are having to go through this!


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