Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tazz is a jerky pants who smells like bean burritos. Yeah, I went there!

I was going to do a post today but... to piss Tazz off (because he snatched a tortilla from my fingers and I almost wound up with the nickname of 9 Fingers Charlie) I pretended to be thunder, he hates thunder, but it backfired because when I went like this:


I strained my vocal chords (hopefully that's the right *chord* DAVID!) and now my throat is ouchy.

Tazz was unimpressed. He didn't even pretend to hide. Bastard.

Anyway, since I can't talk, I can't do a post. You know, because I talk while I type?


Also, Tuesday night, while eating Rice Krispies (I know YUM!), I swallowed a moth. Insects in my house better beware!

Okay, I wasn't too upset about the moth thing until I googled images of moths and now? Now I want to take the blue pill.

And finally, Andy cut his hair(s) and no longer looks like the drunk derelict I found sitting outside of Boomhauers garage. I'm happy because I won't go to hug stinky drunken strangers and he's happy because I no longer step on his hair while I'm walking by his chair.

So anyway, that's why there's no post today.


  1. I'm tired today, so there will be no comment.

  2. I'm with Kirsten. Since you're not posting, I'm not commenting.
    But if I were to comment, I would probably have said something like "You talk when you type too? I do that and The Hubs always tells me I'm crazy for doing it! I'm so glad to know that I am not alone!"
    I might have also told you a story about this party I once went to where this guy kept telling me this story about how he "Shot a ten point buck" while holding his hands up, fingers spread out, over his head to immulate the horns and everyone at the party laughed hysterically but me because I didn't understand the joke.
    Then, much later and several beers later, I realized that he only had nine fingers and that was the joke.
    But since I'm not commenting today, I'm not going to say any of those things.

  3. I'm with Tracy and Kirsten, no post means no comment :D

    Cheers, and have a nice day!
    Andy must look sharp now that he's had his hair cut! Oops, I wasn't supposed to say that out loud, after all, I'm not commenting today!

  4. I'll continue with the trend and not comment. I really wish my non-comment was as witty as your non-post.

  5. For a none post that was pretty good.


  7. You lost me at "swallowed a moth".

  8. you swallowed a moth?

    and that's all we get?
    No, explanation... no details, no hacking, gargling type typing, just "swallowed a moth"

    Very, very disappointed.

  9. Your non-post is more fun than most people's actual posts.

  10. So now there's a whole load of moth eggs alongside the spider eggs in your insides just waiting to hatch. Lovely.

    Can you talk without typing?

  11. I had something in my mouth and as I started chewing I felt a hair in there. I spent so much time TRYING TO FIND it that I threw it all out. It was chocolate. Waaaaaaaaaaa.

  12. feel better, maybe kaluah will help???

  13. Why didn't you bite him on the ear? That's what I woulda done.

  14. There was an old lady who swallowed a moth....

  15. Why would your nickname be 9 Fingers Charlie?
    I'd think an exotic nickname like Foxy nueve fingeros would sound better...but hey, it's your nickname.


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