Friday, May 29, 2009

I don't want to brag but today is my blogaversary. Okay, I do want to brag so what did you get me?

You know, for 2 years now, I have sat/stood/leaned/floated in front of some monitor or another typing up posts about occurrences in my home life and my experiences with the batty ladies of perpetual flatulence.

I’ve gone from 10 feed subscribers (3 of them being my work computer, home computer and Andy’s computer) to about 300 now (I say ““about”” because it sometimes goes to 303 and then sometimes to 325-55 but never under 300 I don’t know why that happens I just chalk it up to feedburner having the same weight issues I do)(uh not to imply I’m 300 pounds m’mkay?). I know there are others who have a lot more but I’m always thankful for those I have. After all, if they are not related to me, they are under no obligations to read about my many musical (musical because I know you picture my life to be a mix between Grease, The Sound of Music and Little Shop of Horrors and also because I burst into song to keep myself from gritting my teeth until they’re a fine dust) adventures.

I think I have come a long way from my first post where I bemoaned the fact that my shows ended for the season, LAME, and the many survey-like posts that have me answering questions to determine which comic book person I am, THE HULK in case you were wondering.

During those 2 years, I have struggled with certain issues I should or should not post about. Fights with Andy, disagreements with my family, Tazz being addicted to cleaning products, politics, religion, etc. Sometimes I think it would have been better to have kept the blog from my family so that I may speak freely and not censor myself on certain subjects but in the end it’s for the best that they know of my bloglife… right?

I have *met* awesome people. People who are hilarious, supportive and, for some reason, love mocking me. I have also come across people who take me too seriously and leave me ignorant comments because they believe they have the monopoly on self righteousness. Well you don’t assholes. Anyone who has an ass can talk out of it.

Recently, someone left an anonymous comment saying that the people I post about are not real and that I make everything up. Well, thank you. I consider that to be an immense compliment because if I have invented this world I live in, I must have a superior imagination than that of Stephen King himself.


I mean, to be able to come up with half this material on my own makes me a storytelling mastermind and all people should place offerings of nachos, mojitos, shoes and unicorn skin at my feet.


Blogging is a great hobby but it is a hard hobby. I have come across blogs that started strong but then the people grew tired, bored or even became too busy to continue (the may have a life where as I have you guys). Others take it way too seriously. Me, I keep it simple by just rambling on about me, my faaaaavorite subject, and if it’s not about me, it’s about people who affect my life. If someone does something to disturb my delicate ecosystem, you will hear about it.

This place is not about changing lives, educating anybody or talking about anything serious in nature. Well, I’m sure some of THE SERIOUS will occasionally leak in but it will be purely accidental. I have fun relaying the work and home shenanigans because I know that most of you have lived through office politics and have had insane spousal debates. That’s why people read blogs. They relate to this story or that one and if I had children, you’d probably relate to me leaving them at the store because I forgot a human had made its way out of my body. No? Okay then it’s a good thing I don’t have kids.

So anyway, here’s to Bee’s Musings completion of year number 2. May the material be fertile for another year? (<— the question mark is Word’s suggestion which I find mildly insulting) (and also, may the fertility stay on the blog and not stray anywhere more inconvenient and painful.)


Also celebrating today, because kids tend to always steal my thunder!!!, is the beautiful Isabella. She is now a year old and she’s come a long way from looking all blurry like she did in this picture.


She has started taking some steps on her own and her hand/eye coordination is outstanding as evidence by her always smacking me on my face with the force of a ball-peen hammer. Which makes me have doubts about my hand/eye coordination.

She is also a mini Tarzan who likes swinging off the bed and fearlessly standing on shopping cart seats. She is the complete opposite of the little lady Natalia has always been. Her ferocious little attitude makes me fear for her mother’s sanity. But then I get over it and take a nap because I can.

isabella eatingisabella pillow

Feliz Cumpleaños chiquitita! ♥☺☼


  1. Can I borrow what is now my favorite line...."Anyone with an ass can talk out of it"? I LOVE it...sadly, it is very true.

    Happy anniversary.

  2. Happpy Blogiversary!!!!

    I'm gald you're around. You're good for my sanity :P


  3. Happy Blogoversity!

    Are you serious? You don't make all of it up???

  4. Wow! 2 years!!! It seems like just yesterday that you where twisting my arm making me promise to go on line and check out your blog..,, wait was it yesterday????

    Anyway CONGRTULATIONS!!!!!

    And Happy 1st Birthday to my baby!! ;)

  5. Congrats on your 2-year bloggiversary!

  6. You're now on year number 3, not number 2. Assuming you started counting at 1.

  7. Happy anniversary! I wish I would have known two years ago about your blog, but I'm glad I know now! You're an awesome writer Bee! My favorite!

  8. Ah....I love knowing there are "other" dysfunctional people out there! You were I smart hiney when I knew you so theres never any question on what you blog! Happy Versary.....Dont be getting all sentimental on me, I like the sarcasm.... i'ts what keeps me coming back. Oh...the shoes should have been first on the list!

  9. Two years?! It feels like I just *met* you, Bee! If anyone could make up the lovelies you deal with, I think they'd be admitted to some kind of protective ward and have all their shoelaces taken away!

    Congratulations on another year of words with and without unnecessary question marks!

  10. Congrats Bee! Please keep it up. Your made-up cr*p is awesome! ;-)

  11. i did not know you could make up stuff and write about it, thought it all had to be real...

  12. Happy Blogaversary Bee!!
    I just hope that you don't forget to visit me now that you have 300-355 other people following you now.
    I think that all of us "flawed" people who are harrassed by the self-righteous should get together and do one big, flawed, exagerated or even made up, offensive blog.
    You could make up stories about your daily life and get nasty comments, I could ramble on about my daily existence as a sahm and get the nasty comments about how I should "get up off of my ass and go be a mom instead of blogging", etc.
    And then we could all contribute to a weekly post, addressing all of those nasty nay sayers and give them a big "Fuck You!"
    They should know by now that you cannot understimate the power that a group of evil, lying, and lazy people have!

  13. HAPPY BLOGVERSERY! and to think i knew you way back when before you even knew what facebook was! remember you called it facepage ahahaha! and i said you were old and then you made me file all those miscellaneous papers that had been orphaned for 10 years? GOOD TIMES!!

  14. I usually only read sports sites and look at porn when I’m online because chick blogs like to talk about shoes, babies and their nails... wait you do too... huh! Well you’re funnier!.

    Happy bloggerversary! Blogaversary?

  15. Happy, Happy, Happy Blogversary!

    I can't beleive Isabella is already one. so much hair. Lean was pretty bald until three

  16. my blog is all true too except when I said mojitos made me buy those ugly shoes.

    otherwise it's completely accurate

  17. YAY-YAY-YAY-YAY-YAY!! It feels like I've known you for ages but I just stumbled onto your blog when I searched for "fromunda cheese". I had googled it because my BF said he was going to make me a fromunda cheese quesadilla but he wouldn't tell me what that was and YUCK!!

    I hope you never get bored of blogging or worse get a life! :)

  18. Congrats on two years, and I'll be thinking of you while I enjoy my frozen mojitos this weekend.

  19. Thanks everyone!

    And Brian? As always you’ve confused me. It is my second year anniversary, right? Because I started on May 29th 2007.

    I just checked my calculator and 2009-2007=2

    Did I forget to carry the twenty?

  20. Happy Blogaversary. You are always funny and entertaining.

  21. I can't believe there's an asshole out there who thinks you made people up. Who would have the time for that? And yes, blogging is hard. You also have 161 readers at your Google feed.

  22. You're right. I misread it. You're at the end of your second year, and your third starts tomorrow.

  23. Congratulations Bee! I'm with Tracy Rambles on the make-up (not speaking cosmetics here) blog, that sounds like a lot of fun :D

  24. Love your blog. Happy Blogversary.

  25. Doing a post about your blogaversary was also off limits. Put your dollar in the off limits jar. Its next to the swear jar which is now full.

  26. Happy Belated Blogiversary!

    And "the batty ladies of perpetual flatulence" is a great name for a band. Just a thought ...

  27. I'm glad I found you. We both write what we feel like writing and don't apologize for it.
    That's my favorite thing about you.
    I honestly think that rambling about a person's thoughts makes for the best blogging because it's's sincere and it's spontaneous!
    I write to write and make myself laugh. That doesn't mean I'm going to have a cult following like you do, but that's ok.
    We both know that's not why we write...


    Happy blogaversary!

  28. Happy 'Versary Bee! :) Thanks for two years of laughter.

  29. Happy Anniversary! And what a cutie little girl!


Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.