Friday, May 1, 2009

Geek chic.

This weekend Andy and I will be going to the movies (half price Sunday Matinee baby!) to see the new Wolverine movie. As we all know, “The Andy”, as my family likes to call him, is big on comic books uh GRAPHIC NOVELS and as such will drag me to any movie adaptation and I go because I swore to be with him in SICKNESS and in health so I really don’t have a choice, right? Seriously is there a loophole anybody can tell me about?

Anyway, Andy was making fun of me because I'm looking forward to seeing Wolverine but more of a shocker to him was the fact that I am excitedly waiting for the new Star Trek to come out. He has been calling me a geek now for a few weeks. I of course don’t listen to him because I know I’m cool and if I decided to be a geek, guess what? Geekiness would now be cool. Don't get mad at me! I don't make the rules.

What he doesn’t know, and still won’t because he reads my blog every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday (and Sunday only because he wants to see how many comments his comic gets because he’s vain like that) so I should be safe posting this today, is that I’m looking forward to these 2 movies for 3 reasons.

Yummy reason #1

yummywolf Hugh Jackman

Yummy reason #2

ryyanreynolds Ryan Reynolds

Yummy Reason #3

chrispine Chris Pine

I hope I don’t drool my nacho cheese on my chin while ogling these 3 fine specimens of hotness, you know, again.

Is anybody else freaked out by the dude who plays Spock and Sylar? ::shiver:: I feel like he’s going to reach through the TV and take all of my cookies.
Well cast people at Heroes! Even though the storyline sucks monkey balls, at least you have a villain that gives me nightmares… while I’m awake!

syllllllar (eep!)


  1. Revels in the moment, savouring every second.

  2. You are such a cool geek wanting to see Star Wars. I am so ready. Yes, Heroes is lacking in plots this year but the storyline about Sylar finding his daddy was awesome and the season finale with Peter absorbing the chameleon power and changing into the president, that was great twist!

    My SIL and I were drooling over Hugh last week. Yummy.

  3. i want to see wolverine. and not because of your reasons... your reasons suck.

  4. I totally agree with Yummy #2. The others....not so much.
    Oh, in case you didnt know : Geekiness is sooo Hot right now! I know.....cuz im a Geek!

  5. HJ has been making the rounds of all the talk shows and the night time crowd like Daily Show wearing short sleeved polo-style shirts and wowzer that guy has some arms to die for. Which should come as no surprise since his whole body is any woman's wet dream come true...and let's face it, half of the men too.

  6. I'll be right there drooling with you this weekend. My 24 year-old daughter is hot for Hugh also. There's something a little icky about craving the same man as my daughter.

  7. As I always taunt a friend of mine, anyone deeply involved in "graphic novels" also has a large collection of dolls, er, "action figures".

  8. Enjoy the movies! :)

    I'm not much of a movie goer, I may rent them when they come out on DVD

  9. I knew right away why you wanted to see them.

  10. I am sorry to say, chica, that my geek friends... were not impressed. In my opinion, that does not bode well for you.

    However! Seeing as your going there to fantasize, you might be ok. Just don't get caught like Pee Wee did :P

  11. you like knives, right?

  12. I'm shocked. You're a Trekkie! Though I should have suspected, what with Dan being one as well - it must run in your family.

    I haven't seen most of the Star Trek films. Or TV shows, come to that.

  13. whats better than Hugh Jackman? a NEKKID Hugh Jackman...I wanna see both movies too

  14. I'm with you on Sylar as Spock. Double eeeep.

    Wolverine: Unfortunately, have heard bad things about Wolverine, but am still looking forward to Star Trek.

  15. I have heard bad things about the film but I still have hope. And some money.

  16. so, like side burns?

  17. I am really excited for the new Star Trek too, but I am sad they didnt invite the real KIRK for a cameo, but they did invite the real SPOCK. I mean no one should put Shatner in a corner!

  18. I just this past weekend learned Ryan Reynolds is in the Wolverine movie. I didn't know this before because, well, I'm not so much on the geeky movies thing. However, Ryan Reynolds is a vision of magnificence, thus, I may have to rethink seeing this movie while it's in theaters.


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