Sunday, May 10, 2009

I.O.U. a few comic strips.

So no comic today either. Andy has been working over-time (yay! shoes!) so I haven't had the heart to crack the old whip (he has sensitive skin).

Even though Andy had to work, my brother Dan met my mom and I at the home improvement store and made us do uncool things like buy lumber stuff for my mom's floor and he was not taking "but I'm sleepy!" for an answer. I was NOT given a chance to look at flowers so this Home Depot trip was NOT fun. I was driving Andy's car because I had just taken Tazz to the groomers. For that I need the big car because, even though he's drugged up (that's the only way the groomers will cut his hair)(he is the DEVIL), Tazz goes completely insane when he knows he's being taken somewhere where the may stick needles in him or excrete things from his anus. Breakfast anyone? So I need to take him in his kennel and then drag his butt out.

Here he is at the vet.

tazz lookin

The lumber stuff we needed was about 20,000 feet long and didn't fit in Andy's car. The options were to leave the back door open (the very heavy back door that opens like a regular door instead of up), tie it to the roof or option Bee, have some of it hanging out the passenger side window.

I say option "Bee" because that was my idea. Dan offered to drive the car but I was not going to dare drive his beloved Cadillac, Maxine. I nervously checked the mirrors, turned on my hazards and then took off.


I drove on the right lane thinking I'd be driving slow but then I had the feeling that the freakin wood things were going to take out windows, trees, civilians and every sign within a 5 mile radius so I switched to the left lane and zoom zoom zoomed all the way home. Sure the things flapped away and I thought that, with enough speed, I could pole vault my way out of traffic but I managed to control the urge.

In the meantime, my poor Andy worked 14 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday. The thought of him working so hard tired me out so I decided to take a nap.

Word to your mother.



  1. FIRST!

    You've been busy... I'm with Tazz. I wouldn't like to be dragged off to have pins stuck in me either...

  2. You think Tazz is a devil about going places, you should see Lucifer! He's my, 140 lb 31 inches at the shoulder, Doberman. We've had him for a year and a half now and although we can take him for walks, we still can't trim his toe nails. Giving him a bath is next to impossible, we have to have him on his lead, one person holding him at his head, one holding him at his rump, and the third person scrubbing him down. Therefore, it has to be done outdoors or there just isn't room for everyone.

    Yes, he was very aptly named, unless you take the true meaning of Lucifer into consideration. Lucifer: The morning star, Light-bearer.

  3. Great post! Loved the illustration. The only thing I've ever hauled away from Home Depot was paint, can't imagine looooong pieces of wood, but hey you did it! :-)

  4. So, what did Tazz and Mocha get you for mother's day?

  5. LOL! We've done the boards out the passenger window many a time. It works!

    Poor pouch ;-(

  6. If we hauled boards in my spouse's 1975 Cadillac I'd start to think it actually had a purpose.

  7. Why are you so scared to drive my Maxine?

  8. Great illustration of the drive home.

    The expression on the faces is priceless.

  9. As much as I love and miss Andy's drawings I'm glad we gave yours! I was cracking up when I saw it!!!

    Just one question who is driving the car? It looks luke Tazz...

  10. Comedy 101. Never explain the joke. For starters I thought you had written Bee because it rhymed with Cee ad I thought you were a genius.

    After you explained it I thought you were just another crazy Latina driving with lumber out their window, which I think is against the law.

  11. thanks for the happy Mothers Day wishes.

  12. If there was another car going towards you also carrying lumbar, you could've jousted.


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