Thursday, December 4, 2008

Don't be a Grinch and do what I say!

Uh, please?

I was listening to my radio show this morning (again, not really MINE as in I own it but mine as in I listen to it) and they came up with a gift exchange that I loved! They are going to wrap up pictures of what they would have bought the person they got if they had the money.

So... for the first time ever! I am hosting the first annual! Never done before on this blog!

Now, hear me out before you get all frowny and cheap. If you decide to join, you will e-mail me and then I will tell you who you got and on your blog, you will post a picture of what you would have gotten that person if you had money and you know, cared. The most ridiculous thing the better. You don't have to know each other since it is just for fun.

Come on! Please sign up! Not to make you feel guilty but I've had a really crappy year, as I'm sure most of you have, and I need to end this one with a BIG laugh! Please please??

Come one! Don't make me beg at your blogs cuz I will! Yes I will and I'll spam you with lunch meat!

Anyway, let me know at beesmusings(@)gmail no later than 12/8/08.


Does anybody want to hire a cool hot chick who wants to quite her job??


  1. i just posted about the joys of shopping and creating the monstrous list of doom...

    what's one more, i mean... really, one more gift can't be all THAT bad, after all... it's fictitious...

  2. Sign me up, this will be so fun.

  3. Loves it! I sent ya an email, I wanna join in the fun! :)

  4. I'm in.

    I'll send you an email later today.

    Oh, and if you don't mind taking care of my bitchwork, I'd hire you (if I was actually allowed to hire someone, that is!)

  5. I'm there too. So long as whoever gets me doesn't mind a giftwrapped toilet roll.

    It's the thought that counts.

  6. I'm totally in! That sounds hysterical. My email has been sent. Hehehe I wonder what splediferous gift I won't be getting. Oh the anticipation is killing me...

  7. YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST!! I think this is going to be fun! :o)

    I am kind of afraid to see what Orion would give.

  8. oh dude, i'm totally in. my brothers and i have a contest every year to see who can get the most effed up, funny present.

    i finally got to your tag! it's up today :) i felt so privileged, it was my first time!

  9. I should make you beg really, but I'm too tired today. Count me in...

  10. I'm in, and I'm far too lazy to send you an email.

  11. i wanna play!
    i wanna play!

    oh i hope somebody sends me a really nice picture!!

    oh and bee,
    tag- youre it!

  12. I wanner do it too!
    Let me in Bee! Please!

  13. I'm totally in on this virtual secret santa can bite my ass whatever. And if you would like a job that involves watching my children, cleaning my house and drinking wine with me on a daily basis that pays in only, well, bottles of wine, then come on over and we will discuss the specifics!!

    (Bring your resume.)

    (and a bottle of wine)

  14. I'm SO in... about all I *can* afford right now are pictures of presents, anyways, so it's SO suiting!! LOL

  15. All you guys are awesome. This is going to be great!

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  17. Crap! I missed this.
    And to think ... I really need new friends.


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