Friday, December 5, 2008

Check out my interview at Angry Seafood!

Hey you guys, go check out my interview at Angry Seafood <-click there

Here is a snippet so you know it is DAMN FUNNY!

If you could create a reality show what would it be?

Okay, I’m going to tell you but if I see it on MTV or worse, VH1, I know who to come looking for.

My reality show idea would be about the life of a cock fighter. Not the owners of the cocks but the cocks themselves. You have to wonder what drove those poor fowls into the life of kill or be killed. I mean, were they beaten by their step-daddies? Were they constantly mocked by chicks because of their peckers? I stumbled across a beat up cock once back in the 90s. He couldn’t do a straight line and always wound up leaning left. It was a sad sad sight.



And don't forget about my post below this. Yeah, I know I'm bossy but you know you love it!


  1. Second! I can't handle the responsiblity of being first...

  2. You're a freakin' celebrity! Interviewed on one blog; condemned on my blog; posting on your own blog!

    Now, if I could just figure out why our exchange won't show up on Humor-Blogs yet.... :-(

    Maybe tomorrow. If so, perhaps you can give some linkage.

  3. Well, now I wanna see this show! What does make them so mad?
    Maybe they could interview my rooster that seems to hate me.
    I like it!

  4. I would so totally watch that show. Wait, did you say "fowls"? oh. Um, I'd still watch.

    BTW, hella cool you got the interview. You're a supa starr!

  5. Another great interview :)

    Thanks again Bee it was a lot of fun.

    Oh and the interviews have less questions now because I didn't want to limit anyone's word count.

  6. You my dear are a legend in your own time!

    I'm jealous...

    No one ever wants to interview me but the cops...

    Well the cops and the homeless guy who begs in front of the Starbucks...

    But to be honest he only wants to interview me because he thinks that he is a deep cover CIA operative and I'm the mole...

    Still, the attention is nice.

  7. That's a novel TV show! I'd watch it.

    As for the interview, good one you! Well done.

  8. I bet FOX will be knockin on your door any day now

  9. Sounds like must see TV, not!

  10. I lost interested when I found out cock fighting involved chickens.

  11. Bee, must be noice to be a stah. Too many voice inflections sorry. So I hear you are a legend in your own mind, oops sorry that's not what they said. I loved this post BTW.

  12. Oh yeah! I grabbed a badge. I love it!


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