Thursday, December 18, 2008

I always keep some presents under my skirt just in case someone doesn't have something to open on SSCSI! No, not that kind of present. Pervs!

I am disappointed to report that Musing from Blogtations did not receive her Secret Santa Can Suck It! gift.

Ultimately that would be the worst gift I guess. You know, the NONgift? I don't want her to be the one person who shows up after having gone through the trouble of braving the malls, liquor stores and porn shops to get what they think their victim might like and then get nothing in return.


Here are my gifts to her:


Guy in grass skirt.


Booze for after seeing guy in grass skirt.


For after the booze.


So you can take a nap after the alka seltzer.


A free trip to Hawaii for when you wake up. Full circle to the grass skirt dude.

I hope you like Hawaii, Musing. I would love to be there right about now!

Thanks to everybody who participated in Secret Santa Can Suck It! R2. You guys were very funny! Who knew? Just kidding.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another chapter in "How many more ways can the Cor-Ruts get screwed ?"


Cindy Crawford makes me want to buy furniture.


You know you're serious about blogging when you want to call in sick just so you can reorganize your blog. Some call it pathetic I call it onetrackmindedawesomeness. So there!


  1. You are just too kind! Thank you! Now, I can tell everyone that Bee lifted her skirt just for me.

    And the bed is perfect! That is exactly the position I sleep in when I drink myself silly after seeing a guy in a grass skirt!

    Off to catch my plane to the Aloha State. :)

  2. so, Bee... what kind of wrapping paper do you use exactly??

  3. Musing:
    Just for you! ;o)

    Silly string and bungee cords. Easier to hide under my skirt.

  4. ok, now that you have taken care of the deprived, it is time to unload on the depraved who took their present and ran. Pictures of what should be done to them should make a juicy post.

    Only you can do it justice, girl. Go for it!

  5. It must be a pain getting bed linen...

  6. Maybe you sent her Secret Santa the wrong link. ;-)

  7. Marvel:
    Ha! I hadn't thought about that! :o)

    Something in a bodybag style.

    HA ha! You are such a comedian! (:op

    I checked just in case but the link was right and I did do a little follow up reminder email.

    That's okay, I think Musing likes my gifts better. :o)

  8. I love the bed!! But after a night of drinking myself silly after paying to see guys in leather skirts (it's a Celtic Rock thing), I never seem to make it to the bed.

  9. HAHAHHA that bed is a riot!!! and omg- i saw a commercial for cindy crawford furniture THIS MORNING!! what the hell???

  10. I love your toilet guy. Where can I get one?

  11. Onetrackmindedawesomeness. Love that word! :)

  12. And to think that all I want for Christmas is to be on your blogroll, or somewhere here, cuz you've been on MINE since, well, fer evah!! And I thought we were, like, tight.

  13. That was nice of you to fill in for the missing Santa. Maybe he/she was out shopping for real presents like I probably should be. But instead I'm eating rum balls and figuring out how to virtually cook the zucchini award.

  14. I got very excited when I saw the title of this post on my feed reader... I want pictures from up your skirt, dammit.

  15. I think Musing likes my gifts better.

    You got that right! Just look at the scenery!


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