Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This post is brought to you by...*

I love watching commercials. I know that may not be a popular thing to say in this day of TiVos and DVRs but I enjoy a well crafted attempt to hypnotize me into obesity/alcoholism/gambling/promiscuity.

One of my favorite commercials right now is the one for Schick Quattro. I hope the creative minds behind this idea are, at this very moment, on a boat sipping champagne in St. Tropez.

It is seriously one of the best commercials I have ever seen. Take a look:

The first time I saw it, I laughed my ass off while Andy looked at me in confusion.

Bee: Don't you get it?

Andy: It's a commercial about a razor, so?

Bee: Do you see what's happening to the bushes as the women walk by them?

I rewind it so he can see the bushes.

Andy: I don't get it.

Bee: Good lord man! The woman walks by the bush and then it morphs into a more manicured shape!

Andy: ...?

Bee: Bush bush BUSH!! [gestures wildly]

Andy: Oh BUSH!! [nods and points]

::sigh:: I married an innocent!

Anyway, the reason I think this commercial is genius is because they don't give you specifics and yet they leave nothing to the imagination... without being tacky. And I know tacky!

In the name of blogscience, I will test out what the commercial advertises and walk in front of a bush.


8.11.09 020


8.11.09 022

Ummmm, uh-oh?

*Alternate title "One in the hand is worth 2 in the bush"


  1. Watching that conjured up images of a couple of guys in gardening gear with chainsaws...

  2. LMAO. This may be your funniest post yet.

  3. LOL LOL. That's awesome. This is being spread to all my friends.

  4. Oh my, my, Bee. I had to watch it twice, too! You are so good and that is very funny.

    So, maybe I could manicure myself into a.....oh, never mind.


  5. OMFG Ive seen the commercial, and never noticed before!! thanks for pointing that out!!! LOL

  6. I had to watch it twice too.... good eye.

  7. Crotch topiary - its time has come.

  8. That should show before and after pics of the real stuff.

  9. I knew all along what you were talking about.

  10. Meleah Rebeccah:
    I love it!!


    You say the nicest things!

    Thanks! :o)

    Spread? Hahaha! :o)

    Maybe I'm a weirdo cuz I got it right away?

    Helga Marie:
    Now I'm getting a complex for seeing it right away. ;o)

    See? Tells you everything without being tacky.

    I love it!



    Mr. Bee:
    Sure you did, babe. SUUUUUURE YA' DID!

  11. Lmao!!!! No freaking way!!! I've never seen this commercial!!!

  12. i just got a haircut too but for some reason i think everybodys talking about something different...

  13. Oh, Bee, you made me do a spit take with my delicious Diet Mountain Dew there with your blog capper!

    That is one commercial I never, ever fast forward through. Ever.

  14. Since I hate commercials with a passion I have decided I will be looking hard for subliminal messages from now on. I have not seen the commercial but you can bet I will be looking!

  15. I needed that effin thing while I was at tghe beach havong my swim suit sucked off my body.

    in eqally funny news Drew bought a white bathing suit and in the water it was transparent.

    nice package.

    and yes he changed it. ew

  16. Ye Gods! I can't believe it! And the shapes--I get the triangle and the landing strip, but round and square? What kind of bushes have these ad guys been looking at?

    This makes me wish I'd gone into advertising. I'd love to get away with something like this. It would be like soaking a maxipad with red liquid instead of blue in those stupid ads. Who'd bleed blue? Venusians?


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