Monday, August 10, 2009

The butterfly that saved a marriage. Not that there was any real danger!

So... you guys are all geniuses! Some of you came up with great solutions for the marital squabble we were in the midst of (Suzy, I can send him to you when he needs a haircut). My favorite was from Aunt Juicebox who said to just keep it as a conversation piece because she keeps a plastic alligator in her fridge for just that purpose. How awesome is that? Maybe I can shellack the cake and keep it out in a glass cake dome?

I also forgot to mention that the cake made the trip from our apartment (where we lived for 3 years) to our new house (5 years in October). It was transported amongst the fine china and then placed into the freezer with the utmost of care. Yeah. You read that right.

Anyway, Andy and I have now called a truce and it's all thanks to a beautiful butterfly sighting in my garden. I was unable to take a very clear picture because I was inside the house and about 10 feet away:



So I decided to use the video recording thing on my camera. Just to warn you, it's kinda long and you hear me talking to Andy at about 1:24 and I sound cheesy and lame. You may be surprised on how our voices sound and there's also a crying dog in the background and Andy admonishing Mocha... don't watch it, okay?

Nooter, this liver's for you:


Later peoples!


  1. FIRST!

    What a nice video. So pretty. Needless to say it had me in tears...

  2. That poor puppy. What was Andy doing to that pathetic beast?

    What kind of flower is that? Very pretty.'s way too early to see that liver. I hope Nooter enjoys it.

  3. So...i always knew you were the mushy type!! :) I think Mocha wanted at that butterfly.

  4. YAY !!

    LIVER !!

    this is pretty good, you should save some of it with your cake

  5. also, nice video of that bug, and you dont sound nearly as high strung as i imagined you would be.

    here, give mocha one piece of my liver

  6. Wow. I was amazed at Andy's enthusiasm for the butterfly. :)

    You have a lovely voice.

  7. Proving once again the time-honored philosophy, "It's tough to get pissed off at a butterfly."

  8. Thanks for that video. My chicken needed to cook on the grill about two more minutes, and watching your clip kept me focused on not forgetting the time and burning my dinner like I usually do.

  9. Haha, glad I could help. I'll have to post a pic of my gator. I also have about 80 packs of that icing that comes with toaster strudels in the freezer. I have no idea what I'm saving it for.

  10. I loved LOVED the video. Everyone thinks they sound lame when they hear their own voice! I think your voice is very pleasant!!

  11. That was a beautiful butterfly!!! I love butterflies...and the video was neat....u sound the same to me?


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