Monday, August 17, 2009

A mile in my shoes.

8.15.09 043

So, lately I've been feeling a little depressed. It's mostly due to XYZ health issues and ABC medications. I know you wouldn't be able to tell from my chipper blog attitude because, due to your delicate sensibilities, I've been putting on a brave front for your sake.

You're welcome.

Anyway, I've been experiencing some swelling in my body due to side effects of testing this pill or that pill to see which one works best. One of the things that has me down is the fact that the size of my puffy feet make it impossible for me to wear any of my awesome shoes.

I know some of you are probably thinking in disbelief and yes, a little condescendingly, "Shoes?? You're upset because you can't wear certain shoes??"

Short answers "Yes" long answer "How about you shutty?" The shoes situation just served as my catalyst.

I don't know about all women but in my case, a great pair of shoes can do wonders for my spirit.

The past few months, I've been wearing a pair of Clark's Sandals that are nice but plain. I bought them 6 years ago because they were on a great sale but I hadn't worn them in about 3 years. Turns out they, and the sketchers sandals I bought earlier this year, are the only shoes that fit me comfortably. For some reason my right foot is considerably more swollen than the left. (anybody have Barnum and Bailey's number?) Because of this, I wake up in the morning and dig through the more casual of my clothes. There's no sense in putting on a nice outfit if I can't wear the shoes to match. Along these lines, why bother with make-up if I'm dressed so casually? Added to that the spider bites that left my legs with this ugly biohazard look to them, I've been too self-conscious to wear any of my skirts... and so I step onto the insane merry-go-round.

I know there are bigger issues in the world and mine are trivial in comparison but there is no talking logic to my depression. After all the things I've lived through, I felt like this one was crushing me in ways I never expected. I didn't have the will to fight through it either because my brain knew how ridiculous and irrational I was being. I was just letting it consume me one day at a time. Everything in my head ended with "what for?" or "what's the use?"

I finally snapped out of it on Friday.

Andy and I were doing some last minute shopping for our trip to Starved Rock. One of our errands was stopping to get him a new pair of shoes since his old shoes wouldn't be comfortable enough to do any hiking. There I was in my baggy shorts and my bleach stained T-shirt, hair all Nick Nolte-like, no make-up and looking haggard and old with my ugly feet. I felt like a tired old woman. Seriously.

The shoes Andy picked were a little narrow so I went around the shoe department looking for a salesperson to ask for a bigger size. That's when I stumbled upon the most beautiful shoe I've seen in a long time. I stood in front of it and, I kid you not, looked at it reverently- too afraid to pick it up for fear of getting my hopes up that it would be

a) in my size
b) affordable

and the most important

c) in my size and me be able to squeeze my elephant foot into it

I timidly picked it up and found it was half a size too big but this hasn't stopped me before. I set it on the floor and slipped my foot out of my sandal. I slowly pushed my foot into the shoe and wiggled it this way and that until it went in and it fit perfectly!

It may sound like I'm exaggerating but I felt my body drain itself of all the tension I'd been feeling the past few months. I asked the somber sales dude for the other shoe and gushed over their unusual color, their style, the fact that the heel looked like the paneling on my dad's old station-wagon (never in a million years would I have thought this to be a good thing in a shoe). I was so happy, the sales dude went from quiet and serious to smiling and cheerful. He told me they were $19 on clearance and with Andy's purchase we were able to save $15 instead of the $10 I thought we would save from a coupon they had running. The great price made the find even sweeter.

8.17.09 005

As the evening went on and I was cutting up fruit, marinating steak, making a check list of all things we needed to pack the next morning, I kept thinking about the shoes and when I'd be able to wear them. They were too special for their first time on my feet to be just to work. I decided on wearing them to a reunion a former boss of mine is organizing for this coming Saturday. From there my mind went to picking an outfit and with each passing minute my heart became lighter.

I started looking forward to going through my shoes and checking to see which ones I felt comfortable wearing. On Sunday I did just that and found a few that made the difference in my feet imperceptible.

I also painted my finger nails so they're back to looking sharp and lethal. This morning I woke up, ironed a nice pair of dress pants, picked out a pretty purple blouse and wore my killer black shoes. Some make-up, jewelry, and perfume later and I felt like I'd lost 10 pounds and grew 4 inches in height.

People at work were telling me how great I looked and commenting that the trip to Starved Rock must have done wonders for me. While I did enjoy the magnificent scenery (Andy and I are planning a trip in the fall where we will hopefully go on more than one trail) the shift in my attitude happened the day before. It made it possible for me to truly appreciate what I was seeing because I was at peace with myself.

Listen, I know this all sounds screwy and I have had some brief relapses but I've been able to pull myself out of my pity party quicker this time around. I also debated on posting this here since it sounds more Bee's Dark Side but I thought "screw it! I'm the boss of me!"

I feel like I'm back to my abnormal self. I've never underestimated the small things that can brighten my life. A pair of shoes, a flower, some kind words, whatever it may be, it's not silly if it makes you happy.

I realize a pair of shoes does not cure any health issues m'mkay? Rest assured I have a team of gorgeous male models medical experts analyzing every molecule in my body.


While hiking, we came across a bunch of carvings that stated 'so and so was here' my favorite was:

8.15.09 045 (here with your mom on 4/20/09)


  1. Hey....I am glad that the shoes helped u...we all have werid things that can really change are mood..uplift are spirits...I also hope u feel better.....the shoes are soooo cute!

  2. Im totally up to speed with you on this one. My feet have swelled up like nobodies business this past 3 months...I was stuck to wearing just ONE of my shoes. My Skechers that are sort of a tan color. No matter what I was wearing, nice, casual, sport...whatever...I had to wear the Skechers...and it sucked. Not to mention because I was wearing them every single damn day they quickly wore out and broke down...but still had to wear them as I couldnt afford to buy new shoes just now.

    This past week I was finally able to get another pair of shoes...a size bigger to accomodate my version of elephant feet...and Ive been on cloud nine every since.

    I can completely relate. Congratulations!!!

  3. Dude, with you all the way on this one. Since my surgery and my inability to wear high heels it translated to no makeup (the Dan Lauria post)casual dressing, a skirt pulled up and over my boobs etc. I say "Who cares?" at LEAST 768 times a day and MEAN IT.

    Ahhhhh, shoes.

  4. Its amazing that "the little things" can do so much :) you know, my toe wouldnt fit into those tiny shoes!
    Blast you and all the little foot people... :)

  5. I'm totally with you! A great pair of shoes can do wonders for the pscyhe.

    Hope you start feeling better.

  6. You're right. There is no logic to depression. I love the shoes and I'm glad you are feeling better.

    Now if you start hugging everyone you meet, people will start to worry!

  7. I'm right there with ya'
    I love shoes too, but the whole "culture of poverty" thing has a hold on me like you wouldn't believe, so I don't buy shoes as often as I should, not because I can't, but because I think it's money that can be used for something else. But, you've inspired me to just do it! I'm buying shoes too gosh darn it! Thanks!

  8. I get this...I completely get this. Hell, even my right food swells up, I get this so much! Sadly, I can't wear the sexy shoes, so I don't get that lift, but I do think deciding to do something nice for yourself can get the ball rolling again.

  9. Shoes are the major difference between men and women (well, that and boobs). I own about four pairs of shoes and one of them is for mowing the lawn. I spend the same amount on shoes in five years as most women do in five months. How can there be so many different needs when it comes to shoes?

  10. Saucy shoes!

    Feeling like a tired old woman sucks ... that's me every other day. Maybe I should go shoe shopping.

  11. I adore those shoes. They're totally awesome and I can just see ME in them. (I am so coveting them right now.)

    I'm glad you're back to your abnormal self. Being depressed is no fun at all.

  12. Happiness for $15 - that sounds like a bargain.

  13. I'm in full agreement with the pleasure to be had from a fine pair of shoes.

    But...just a sec...the new shoes were destined for the reunion party but then you decided on a completely different pair of shoes??

    Ok, so I'm a guy and this I don't get.

  14. my man shoes delight me in the same way.

    I had to ditch the woman thongs I blogged about--now me & Drew have the same shoes

  15. Nothing to lift the spirits up like a bit of spoiling yourself. Good stuff & congrats on rounding a corner, which is how this sounds. So great stuff & all the best with things!

    PS Self indulgence quite often IS the key to happiness. Have chocolate for dinner, maybe?

  16. Those shoes are hot and worth it to make you feel better about yourself. I was on a medication for a while that caused me to gain 25 pounds really fast. I don't fit into any of my clothes anymore.

    I finally broke down and bought a pair of GAP jeans that make me look like a denim-covered Hindenburg. I still like my eyes when I put on some makeup and my cleavage is killer.

    So I try to look at the bright side. But I don't always. I think that's normal. I might not be a good judge of it but there you have it, my two cents. If you get bummed again, it's okay. You'll come out on the other side.


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