Monday, April 6, 2009

A man, another man and a dog. + What is the penalty for stealing from a 6 year old?

Back in January, we had yet another snow storm here in Chi-town-land. It was what the kids call a doozy! Well, if you were a kid in the 50s you'd call it a doozy. Anyway, I was inside the house having a nice hot chocolate and I decided to observe my Andy as he shoveled our driveway. Our neighbor Boomhauer was out shoveling too. I noticed that they would shovel and then chit chat while Bella went back and forth.

It was very entertaining so I decided to take some pictures until I
A) got bored
B) ran out of hot chocolate
C) Andy found out and called to yell at me.

What wound up happening was the hidden D) I heard my "you have mail" notification and then I forgot Andy was outside because I lost myself in my virtual little world.

Then, Friday night I was clicking around my laptop applications and noticed a "Make a movie" tab so I said to myself "You've always wanted to make a movie so check-check-check it out."

What happened next will not shock you because I've told you what an amazing person I am. It seems there are no limits to my talent and I have no doubt one day I will make it to Cannes Film Festival where I will wear a black sundress with red shoes.

I now present:

A man, another man and a dog.

You may now tell me how brilliant I am.

In other news, my niece has a little friend who has the best THE BEST glasses and I was wondering what the penalty was for stealing a little girl's glasses. I'm pretty sure I can out run her.


  1. I laughed. I cried. But most of all, I think you have provided a mirror to society.

    That part where the two lovers meet on the driveway, then go their separate ways... I need to be alone now and reflect.

  2. you are brilliant. At one part I thought Bella was gonna crap on the driveway.. very disappointed that she did not.

    I'll hook you up with an agent. He knows some people that know some people that killed s ok not really..

  3. Brrrrrr but great job on the movie.

    Step away from the glasses, BEE!


  4. That looks much better than half the crap Hollywood churns out!

  5. This is going to take Cannes by storm!!

  6. meh, the plot needs a little work.

  7. this may be the first movie ever starring the key grips and their mascot.

  8. Has touches of early Scorsese. Bravo!

  9. Bee your movie was great.
    But leave the kids glasses where they are on her face.

    Mom R.

  10. haha! yes... this is what snow blowers are for.
    they keep me away from neighborly conversation!

  11. CRAP!

    I can't get the movie to run.

    I'll keep trying

  12. I got it to play.


    That is a lot to shovel

  13. I think that you might have a promising career ahead of you as an independent film-maker, probably in France.

    However, for a serious film it has a bit too much action, and it's about 4 hours too short.

  14. I like what you did with the Art Direction. Keeping the whole scene white was very minimalist and artsy. I give it Two Smileys Up!

  15. Is that Lions Gate I hear calling?
    I bet you wouldnt have to steal the glasses...most kids will trade anything for a box of skittles

  16. I could never live up north. The first time I saw that much snow I would either stay inside for a month or set my house on fire. It is a toss up really.

  17. I'm so glad I live in Texas. I like the music and the dog though.

    Stealing from children ... that depends. Does she deserve it?

  18. Stealing from children is perfectly acceptable. Teaches them survival of the fittest.

    And your movie rocks.

  19. This was a magnificant tour de force! I'd ask for a part two, but seriously, I don't want to see any more snow this season, thank you very much. Andy, by the way, makes a clean driveway. His shoveling alone is award-worthy!

  20. lol in at least 80% of the frames I am just standing there with a "Man thats alot of snow" look on my face.

    It snowed in December & I just finished shoveling in March, maybe I should do less standing & more workin'.

  21. If Andy and Boomhauer were anywhere near as brilliant as you the movie would be titled "A woman, another woman, and me with my dog in a warm house."

    I'd take the glasses and stand there and make faces at the sweet little girl. She wouldn't be able to see me anyway. hehe

  22. Your movie reminded me of the super old movies with no sound where they cut to a frame then to a card with writing.

    It looks like Andy was confused... interesting take he has on his character.. The scratching of the head made for a very real character...

    Yeah I know it's a load of CRAP!

  23. I'm with Mary, steal the glasses, that will teach her to go outside.

    Is that Pink singing? She was on Ellen today and she's so hot she's my new husband.

    The French would LOVE this movie. I did!


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