Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Bee n' Andy: Married and sometimes, still in love..."-Behind closed doors

comic strip closet 1

comic strip closet 2

comic strip closet 3

comic strip closet 4

Happy Birthday Natalia!


  1. I'm first!!!!!

    Lmao!!! Love the bra on Andy's head!!!!!

    That sure is a lit of clothes!

  2. Natalia just read your post and was extremely exited to see your bday wish!!

    She was laughing a lot at the bra on Andy's head!!!

  3. You win! You have more clothes than me! They multiply in the drawers and closets when we leave them unattended for too long.

  4. Looks like you need about 6 more dressers.

  5. Where do all the damn clothes come from anyway? You know they are all having sex behind those closed closet doors!

  6. Happy Birthday Natalia!!!!!

    what kind of party is she having?

    I'm no longer obsessed with children's parties, I was just mildly wondering.

    what color is the cake?

  7. Happy BDay to Natalia!
    I was LMAO@Your not the boss of me...I have actually said that tooo funny

  8. So what proportion of the available space does Andy get for his stuff?

    Happy Birthday to Natalia!

  9. We just packed up a bunch of stuff we never wear anymore. Two days later, my MIL brings over half a house full of stuff she found at a garage sale. Our closet is, once again, about to explode.

  10. I've always thought that buying bigger dressers gave me an excuse to buy MORE stuff? I always found it easy to get rid of my (moo-moo) maternity clothes as soon as I delivered, yet I cant get rid of the size 8 shorts that are way tooo short and dont come up my thighs? Whats with that??
    Shout out to your niece Natalia :) That how I remember Nancy ;(

  11. See, I have run out of space in my dresser and closet, so now they are just all over the floor. Can't wait for my new BIGGER walk in closet!!!

  12. You need a tardis wardrobe! As soon as I've invented it, I'll send one right round.

  13. You do realize Andy loves you... right? Any man that would draw a bra on his own head definitely does... ;)


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