Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Damn chiggers!

Okay you guys. If you were trying to distract me from the recent events by scaring the shit out of me regarding the chiggers? You succeeded! I discovered two other bites and now I'm constantly itching. I am going to take Nurselizy's advice and drown the suckers out with nail polish but I ran out of black so I have to wait to go buy more. Andy says I should use clear nail polish instead of black but what does he know? It's not like I'm gonna be flashing my butt all over Chicagoland. If I do, I'll give you a call ::wink:: (hope that scared you like you scared me!)

To cheer myself up, I decided to order me up some new gym shoes.


They're on backorder which is a total bummer but I will finally be able to remain at a decent height when I take off my heels and do athletic things like walking to my front door to get the mail. I'm getting the black ones in case you're wondering (which is why I need the black nail polish).

Anyway, I just wanted to say I hope you're happy that now I'm thinking these little chiggers will be the death of me. I always thought it would be bacon.


  1. Where can I get those shoes?! I need me some height too.

    Can't say I've ever met a chigger, but good luck though. Makes me itch just thinking about it.

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    Come join the fun! Here's my 8 list:

    Can't wait to see your post.


  3. I HATE chiggers. I live in Florida, so as a kids.. i was always outside and CONSTANTLY wore clear polish everywhere. They are the devil!

  4. Well, I had never heard of a Chigger before so I googled it. Sounds like a lovely little mite, and you say that nailpolish helps? Interesting.

    As for the sneakers, I go by the motto of "God only made a few of us perfect, the rest he made too tall!" :D

  5. Damn those bugs! Think of the shoes, the shoes ...

  6. You should post a video of you crushing chiggers with your new shoes!

  7. Don't worry, Bee. If you have a red bump and it itches, the chigger is most likely long gone (according to Wiki). What it leaves behind is what we all complain about.

    I think I need to get some cortisol cream. I'm starting to sympathy itch.

  8. Cute shoes with those wedge heels! Crush-those-chiggers-dance.

  9. to be completely honest here... i don't really like the shoes. Color, style, fit.... those are just not this seasons hot shoe for me.

  10. aaaaaaaaaa hahahahaha!
    haha haha hahaha ha haha

    haha hahahaha haha ha!

    bees got fleas!

    hahaha hahahaha haha hahaha!

  11. I would break my ankle in those shoes! Pathetic? I know.

  12. Um, I don't know how I missed the whole "chiggers" thing.
    Now I have to go back and do some reading.
    I want some of those shoes too.
    You know, the other day, the oldest monkey and I were shopping at Target and I was going to buy myself a pair of converse sneakers and that little shit told me that I'm too old for converse!
    Is that true Bee?
    Can one be too old for cool shoes that also happen to be comfy?
    It's not like I was planning on wearing them with my prom dress or anything...yeesh..

    What if I buy the low top ones instead of the high tops.
    That would be ok right?

  14. So if you get bitten enough times by chiggers do you turn into one? chigger blogger has quite a ring to it...

  15. I can't believe I sat here and read the entire article on chiggers.

    I have skechers that are weird looking and after 6 months I hated them. HOWEVER, I get more compliments on them than any other I own. I like these because of the heel. You can never be too tall.

    Email me the link or I'll send you a box of hair.

  16. Aren't chiggers people that live in the ghetto in China? I'm so confused. No really, shame on me.

    Make sure that before you put the nail polish on that you did the eggs out from just below the skin.

  17. Hi Bee! It's me, your long lost Ceci. In trying to catch up, I figured I'd try to stay on the up and up with at least the most current post so that I don't fall behind while trying to catch up.
    Does that make ANY sense????


    How does one run in those shoes?! Please tell me you'll hold on to the treadmill if you do! I get that after wearing heels for so long flats aren't comfortable, but those look a bit dangerous. Then again, I'm accident prone. I fell a lot in Europe... and walked into a lot of things, much to my friends' amusement.

  18. OH! and I forgot to add... if you do turn into a chigger (see Brian's response), can we call you a chigger, or can only other chiggers call you that????

    What?! I'm just askin'...

  19. I had to Google chiggers. I had no idea what you were talking about. I thought you were making a racial slur about people who were half Chinese and half African.

  20. So when you mentioned your bare ass and then winking...what exactly were you winking with? You eye or your bare...

  21. I've had chiggers on my legs from wearing shorts how is it you got your butt covered with them?

  22. I was about to comment about how ugly those shoes are, but then you said you bought a pair.

    Of course, I am not a fan of sneakers at all. I was embarrassed having to wear them for like a week when we were painting and moving. Now I am back to my stilettos and other non-sensible shoes. :-)


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