Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So, this pig virus…

Have I mentioned that I work in an office with 100% Caucasians? By that I mean they are all of Anglo descent with no spicy additives. ;op

Anyway, now that we are in near epidemic mode, they (the bats) feel I have all the answers to the causes and cures to the swine flu because it originated in México. Believe it or not, I don’t. I am as much in the know as the rest of the population… only better looking.

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon of headline stories but this one is hitting close to home. I'm worried about all my family in México. Especially my grandparents. My grandfather has always been more like a father to me and I know that he will eventually be taken from this world but I am not ready to even think about that.

Papi and me My papi and I.

I think it’s interesting how people take this type of news.

Conspiracy Theorist:
My brother Rick is arguing it’s not real and that there is something fishy going on but I blame that on the fact that he was whacked on the head.

While having dinner yesterday, my mom was saying how the Bible predicts plagues and natural disasters etc. She said the signs were all around us.

I had to finally say that, for centuries, there have been other diseases that killed off large portions of the population. Most recently was SARS and the bird flu. Before that there was the Ebola virus scare in the 90s and let’s never forget cancer. All I’m trying to say is we should take precautions but not continue with the doomsday predictions. Specifically during dinner when I’m trying to eat my tacos.

I will never understand people’s need to know what their future will hold. I’ve been living by the seat of my pants for years and have just prayed for the best. It’s usually worked out okay for me. Granted, I wish I would have known how much of a clunker my first car would be but I don’t know if I would have listened to Nostradamus’ or the Mayans’ prediction of it leaving me stranded in the middle of a left turn and blocking traffic.

I’m not saying they might not be right or to disregard the Bible but why would anybody live their lives with a dark cloud hanging over their heads? I can control my own destiny by being a decent human being, taking care of the people I love, working, eating lots of chocolate, not committing any crimes, etc. If a time comes when I know that it’s the end of the road for me, I hope to be able to take it in stride and accept things I cannot change (I probably won't take it well and cry like a pansy but don't tell anybody!).

I personally think the swine thing might be more serious and they are keeping the gory details so that pandemonium doesn’t erupt. Does that make me a realist or a pessimist? I don't know but for now, I am going to get up every morning, late as usual, run around the house chanting my remembrance song, swear at the dogs, jump into my mini tank, drive my ass to the asylum and grit my teeth until 5 o’clock. Such is the price to pay for paradise.

Also, if I sneeze, I don’t want everybody in the office walking around with scuba gear just because I have family in México. It’s a little insulting and if they keep giving me shit, I'm going to start wearing gas masks to stave off The Ladies of Perpetual Flatulence (the bats).

Take care of yourselves and don't eat too many bananas.


  1. I will pray for your family Bee. I think this "pandemic" is blown out of proportion. All of the previous issues you mentioned were too. I'm not scared.. just informed

  2. Blame it on the pigs. Right. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was created by the drug companies to boost their sales of antibiotics.

  3. Ok....People just need to be sanitary. The FIRST line of defense is to wash your hands!!! I get irriatated at people that go all spastic and chant it is doomsday. I'ts amusing that the "bats" ask you as if you have a first person account (cuz you're Latina). I would come to work with a dust mask....it would keep them away from you (the blogs you could write about their reaction). Teehee :)

  4. You said tacos! Yea! Yea!

    You're an optimist and you have a brain. It is good to be informed but not paranoid.

    A person can be smart but people sure are stupid.

  5. I have to agree with Reforming Geek on this, a person can be smart,but people sure are stupid! I swear, a persons IQ drops when they get into a group, that whole "group mentality thing", ya know!

  6. I am hoping to get swine flu so I can get a couple days off of work. That would be sweet!

  7. I agree with nurselizy, wear a mask just to freak out the freaks you work with.

  8. do it Bee, please wear a mask to work. just think how fun it will be making the bats soil themselves

  9. I work in a city that's 99% Mexican. Just kidding! It's only 90%, including our Mayor, so I'm just a teeny bit concerned, but not at all worried. I just wish this surgical mask wouldn't keep slipping off my face while I'm typing this.

  10. That is absolutely ridiculous, to have people looking at you strangely because you have relatives in Mexico. What the hell?!?

  11. I hope your family is ok :) That was a really cute picture of you and your dad!

  12. I am hoping your family in Mexico stays safe. I will be praying for them. :)

  13. Heidi said you have to get the TB masks, the others won't do crap. I wrote her and asked her where to buy the TB mask and she never wrote me back so I'm assuming she wants me to die.

  14. I hope your family is/stays safe.

    If there's one thing that Yours Truly dislikes is conspiracy theories ;P
    Like everyone else said, be informed and use your brain.

    On the other hand, wearing a mask to work could be interesting.

  15. I hope your family in Mexico is ok.

    I tend to think that everything gets blown out of proportion these days in our media driven instant news society.

  16. ive heard chigger bites have a sort of flu vaccine type quality but you have to keep getting them on a regular basis. better get back out in that garden...

  17. Looks like you need some affirmative action. let me know if you need an immigrant worker to take advantage of.

  18. Just curious, how does the 774 deaths from SARS, worldwide, translate into 'a large number of the population?' (which is darned near 7 billion.) Gotta love the media, eh?


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