Thursday, December 3, 2009

My super cape runeth over and trips me.

As some of you may know, I don't have children... I should clarify and say I don't have children of my own but I am familiar with the species because I see them bouncing off of walls in my house.

Anyway, because I don't have little creatures, of the human variety, I never thought I would have to do things like change diapers (I was wrong!), rush out to the pharmacy to get emergency infants Tylenol (did that last night) and help little ones with homework...

There I was, sittin' on the couch, I had just organized all necessary items in front and beside me to start my post for the evening. Water? Check! Kleenex? Check! TV remote? Check! Laptop on lap? Check and check!! When all of a sudden, my phone rings. My phone that is approximately 100 feet away from where my butt is sitting "curses!" I exclaim but then I shrugged and figured that if it was urgent, they'd call me back. As soon as my phone stops ringing, it starts ringing again. Dang flabbit! Now I have to dig myself out of my little cocoon!

I pick it up and it's my niece Natalia asking for help with her homework. I didn't even hesitate! I picked up my calculator (in case it was math related)(yes she's 6) and ran downstairs to my mom's where she was staying the night.

To my pleasant surprise, she needed help with coming up with sentences for her spelling homework and not the dreaded numbers. Hmmm I hadn't even thought about needing my laptop for spell check purposes.

So I sat down and "helped" this little braniac and didn't even get irritated when she corrected my punctuation (don't forget the period! & Tia Bee, the sentence "I ate too much" needs an exclamation because I want it to say "UGH I ATE TOO MUCH!") and so we finished the third section and then I was informed by little miss sunshine that my services were no longer needed but she would call me when she needed to take her practice test.

I came back upstairs, set my phone next to me and waited patiently.

mafaldastudy Half an hour later, I'd paced all over my house and was fighting the urge to call her and see if she still needed me. Would I be rushing her? I finally couldn't stand it any longer so I called my mom. Turns out that, while I was brushing up on my spelling of all words, her daddy had come over to help her. Her daddy who had to get in his car, drive 15 minutes or so in the cold and sleet to come help his little girl do her homework.

Did I hear you guys say "Awwwww!"?? Because seriously that is just Boo! Boo I say!

What am I gonna do with all this extra knowledge??

I went downstairs after I heard Big Tex leave and I confronted her:

Me: Um yeah, I thought you were supposed to call me?

Natalia [trying to look all innocent]: Well, daddy came and he helped me finish and gave me my practice test and everything!

Me: I waited and waited...

Natalia [covering her mouth, probably laughing at me!]: Sorry, Tia Bee. But look! I'm eating the cake you made last night! It's really good!

Me: Don't patronize me!

Natalia [looking at me strangely]: Okaay. I have to go to bed now. Have a good day at work tomorrow.

And then she came and gave me a hug but I know it was just out of pity.

Not cool, people! Not cool at all. 


  1. Never mind, it's the thought that counts. Not the spelling.

  2. Imagine if we were doing that stuff at 6. We might have turned out better.

  3. yeah well you'll be the one she wants to talk to about boys--it's never the parents

  4. Maybe she was covering her mouth because she was smiling at how much you love her. This girl's got it good. And like Jean Knee said, get ready for the boy talk!

  5. Yeah, give it a few more years and she'll be hanging out with you to talk about clothes and boys. You'll be her go-to for all things female, so get ready.

  6. you can help me with my homework- whats (3+2) x nine hundred fiftytwelve thousand?

  7. Poor Tia Bee! At least you didn't trip over your cape going up/down the stairs.

    Kids have a way of pulling your heart out, rolling it out for braided pastry, and then handing it back to you on a platter.

  8. Oh yes, little girls and their exclamations points! Whenever I read to Emma she now tells me to say a sentence with excitement (!) if it has an exclamation point.

  9. Lucky! You got the east homework and you only got to do it this time! Wait until the factions and long division come! Now that will be scary!

  10. Gah! I loathe homework time around here! Can I put Big Tex on homework retainer?!

  11. Don't sweat it! My niece has been able to outwit me since she was about 2.

  12. I did say Awwww when I read how her father drove over to help her with the homework! And I said AWwwww when she corrected YOUR grammar!


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