Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas has come and gone on to the New Year!

The day I made up my mind that I didn't want to see Avatar was the day I was watching Bones and they had about 3 full blown commercials INSIDE THE TV SHOW!  I was like, "well, that takes a lot of balls!" but I muttered it under my breath because I didn't want to offend Mocha.

There is nothing I hate more than commercials inside my shows. You see it often enough like when actors are eating cereal and they awkwardly pick up the box in a way that shows the name clearly and then they brag about their Nikes. But, being the non-geeky half of a geeky couple, I was dragged kicking and screaming to see it last Sunday. I had to go anyway because he went to see New Moon with me, Brother Sergio and Crazy Ez so I owed him. I owed him BIG (because the movie sucked harder than a Hoover in the Sahara)(get it? because the Sahara is full of sand and some camels?)!

I heard that they spent millions of dollars marketing this movie but I have to say they failed. If I would have known a little more details about the plot, I may have gone to see it without a fight but since I thought it was just gonna be some fools playing virtual video games, I was dreading it.

Well, I was wrong.

I hate it when I see reviews of a movie where they say stuff like "it was visually stunning!" because I think to myself "get off your high horse you pretentious asshole!" so what I'll say is that this movie was VISUALLY STUNNING!

The plot is basically the same as Star Wars/The Matrix where there's a "chosen one" but I still loved it.

I sincerely recommend it. If there is only one movie you will see this winter season, forget about Jim Carey, Vampires and Sarah Jessica Horseface, go see Avatar!


In other news, I almost caught an intruder in the wee hours of the 25th but he disappeared up the chimney before I could pull out my boxing gloves! I hope the fat man brought you all the toys you asked for!


  1. So, the idea is to spend millions on crap marketing to lower people's expectations sufficiently that they'll enjoy the film? Clever...

  2. I am in the "ahh, it looks overblown" club. I guess I am wrong?

    You said fat man? You talkin about me? lol

  3. nice. i really want to see avatar, but think i might just wait to watch it from my couch...

    need to catch up on Bones...

    hope youhad a great christmas as well...

  4. Avatar from the couch does sound good!

    I will always skip Horseface. I don't get the horse hype.

  5. Dude. I did not like Avatar. It was 3 HOURS!!! 3 HOURS!!! And, I felt it was Ferngully in 3-D. But, that's just me. And I have a really short attention span. Like, really short. It was visually stunning, tho. I felt bad for the bird that he totally ditched. Poor thing.

  6. I hate hate HATE giant long epic movies (like Lord of the Rings) that have boring plots and endless battles, which is exactly what I thought Avatar was going to be. But guess what... I WAS WRONG! It has an engaging story, super cool high tech gadgetry and WAS visually stunning like you said. I'll go ahead and say it was the best movie I've seen in forever - and I'm a picky bastard.

    And yes... Sarah Jessica Horseface should be banned from, well everything.

  7. Did you hear horseface got her mole removed?

    All summer, my nieces drove me crazy over this one ride at the amusement park - the Avatar ride. One of them was too short to ride it, so every time we went, and every day in between, I got to listen to "Am I big enough to ride the Avatar yet?" and the other one "HAHA I can ride the Avatar and you can't." Thank God they are changing the theme to Peanuts.

  8. new moon sucked? you did see jacob take his shirt off?

    still not a cougar

  9. I thought the effects were brilliantly amazing, but the plot was not exactly riveting!

  10. I am refusing to see that movie. I think it's because I hated Titanic so much that I don't believe he can ever make an Aliens again. So no Avatar for me.

    Sherlock Holmes was fun though...

  11. Well, I was kind a' dragged to see Jessica because Avatar was SOLD OUT! Dam! I was the first one of my friends and family to want to go see it too, and now... EVERYONE was seen it but me!! How did THAT happen?!

    Well, I may just have to go by myself, that way I can afford to see it at the IMAX in huge 3-D. hee! hee!

    I'm not really into these kinds of movies, but from the first moment I saw those blue people, it called to me... they look fascinating! :-)

  12. I don't think there is any chance I can get my wife to that movie. Maybe you can call her and help me out.


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