Monday, December 28, 2009

What matters is the amount of pride you put into your work . . . riiiight? went on an interview at a clothing store for a part time job on Saturday. I'm not going to name names because this crew is younger and knows how to google. I think it went great . . . actually I think I ♫ nailed it ♪!

It started with the woman asking me things like "what is your greatest accomplishment" and me answering "staying out of jail" just kidding! I said something like "we pulled ourselves out of near poverty to where we now live a comfortable existence" (which I know doesn't make sense because here I am looking for a part time job but that's how we were able to have some measure of success, by doing what we had to do) then her asking what my strengths were and me answering the clichéd "being a team player" and when she asked about my weakness I was temporarily at a loss for words because HELLO! What weaknesses? I came clean and told her I'm quick to anger, I mock stupid people incessantly to their faces AND I have a BLOG where I mock ALL people to anyone who'll listen my lack of punctuality was my main weakness but I assured her it would not happen here because I would be coming from a second job therefore I would already be awake. Hopefully.

fashion  She then put me on the spot by saying "pretend I'm a client and you are trying to sell me the outfit you're wearing now, what would you say to make me want to buy it?" It just so happened that I was clothed from top to underbottoms with clothes from this store so I said:

"These slacks have a great fit around the waist line, the length is perfect for someone of my height (short but cute), but they also come in freakishly tall and sorry you're average. I bought them a few years ago but they have withstood the test of many washings by not fading and showing no signs of wear and tear. Also, if you hang them up right after drying, there is no need for ironing which is a big plus for someone like me who is always running late is always pressed for time. The sweater has a perfect ¾ length sleeve that allows me freedom to eat without soaking it in my soup, the fit accentuates the parts I want [I pointed at my boobies] and is slightly looser around my problem areas [I pointed at my jelly belly]. The color is a fantastic blue/green that goes well with many complexions and the most important point is that it did not shrink in the wash. I am also wearing undergarments that fit my a-little-too-much figure perfectly. Almost as if they were tailor made!"

She laughed and said she would definitely buy what I'm selling which I took as code for "you're full of shit but I can see people falling for your charming
ways" Why thank you, decoder in my head! She said she would check my references (sweating bullets)(not because people will have bad things to say about me because I am a gem but because I'm hoping they'll answer their freaking phones!) and I should know this week if I got the job. She also told me they get a 30% employee discount even off of already discounted items . . . I have never wanted a job more!

I know what you're thinking. That I am the self appointed Queen of the Antisocialites so how will I be able to deal with people on a daily basis? Well,  my friends, it would be hard but if it means getting juicy blog fodder, guess I'll just have to grin and bare it.

So anyway, I know you're all busy praying for obnoxious kittens and illiterate horses but if you could throw in a little prayer to the big guy to help me get this job, I'd really appreciate it! I may even let you use my 20% discount! Yes, I know I said it's 30% but the house takes 10%.


  1. I'm going to take a timeout from praying for my kittens to praying for you to get this job. Why? Well, to be honest, not because I think you need it or will be particulary good at it (although I'm sure you'll be fine). I just think it'll be funny to read about your interactions with customers, that's why. So best of luck, and I'm beaming one up for you right now.

  2. Lord, please help Bee get this job.

    (Then she can give an early heads up on the good deals, tee hee!) j/k

    Good luck with the new job! Praying for ya'

  3. I will always pray for people to gain employment in a field where they have to interact with people in a retail setting. As someone who was in retail for 9 years and then moved to the corporate world, I still remember fondly the conversations I had with people who asked questions like "Do you have fat free chicken breasts?" or "If I buy the bacon does it taste porky?"

    God speed Bee. God speed.

  4. I don't want to risk losing this for you by praying, as I suspect my credit's not good in heaven, but if you do get this job, I'll definitely pray for your customers.

  5. i hope that you get your job...sounds like you have your heart set on it.

  6. Um, yeah. I think you nailed the interview.

    I'm getting you a shirt that says "I'm short and cute. Deal with it."


  7. I hope you get the job!! I look forward to hearing the stories you'll be sharing with us.

  8. Dear God, Sweet Baby Jesus, Goddess of Nature, Mother Earth, Universe and all good beings above humans.

    Please grant Bee this job so because she is an awesome person and so that I can buy whatever she is selling.


    P.S. I need the name of the store so I can shop there and Bee can sell me things. Can I order stuff on line?

  9. I am sold. I so want some of those "sorry you're average" pants

    really bad

  10. I could never work in a store dealing with the public! I would be the lead story one night on CNN! haha

  11. I hope you've gotten good news by now. Based on the sucktastic number of hours I have at my job next week (4 1/2!!), it may be time for me to go get my nice slacks on and look for a second gig!

  12. I used to work in a clothing boutique and also at Bloomingdale's. Both had discounts which I took advantage of.

    Not a smart move.

  13. I just took my daughter to buy new bras at my favorite clothing store. She didn't want to go there because she thinks they sell clothes for old, fat women (me). But the sales woman who helped us totally charmed her, and she ended up with 4 bras that fit perfectly, and she couldn't be happier. So really, charming people (but not pushy) make the best sales people.


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