Monday, September 28, 2009

Now it's time to play "What's that smeeeeeell?" Here's your hostess, Bee Liciciouuuuuuuus!

You know how sometimes you get in your car and your sense of smell is assaulted by the rotting corpse in your trunk? How the stench hits you like Joe Pesci standing on a stool with a shovel? No? Is it just me?

Thursday morning I was getting ready for work, late as per usual, gathering all the necessary junk that makes my life at work a little more bearable, mix CD, banana, whip, so I was not really focusing on any one thing until I unlocked my car and opened the door. The smell almost made me fall to my knees and whimper "sweet baby spinach!" but being the tough chick I am, I talked myself into getting in the car thinking maybe there was something in the air and I just assumed my car was the culprit.

After I drove a block, I realized that, nope! The car stunk like a 17th century slaughterhouse. I couldn't figure out why "Had I stepped in dog poop?" No, the smell was worse. "Did I accidentally run over an already flattened skunk?" No, the smell was coming from inside the car.

I had all my windows rolled down, my sunroof was open, I was driving 30 miles over the speed limit so that the wind would gush in (just kidding coppers), I was breathing through my mouth but nothing helped. After five agonizing minutes of near hyperventilation, I finally got to work. I was shuddering as I closed the windows and I leapt out of the car before the engine even stopped running.

I bumped into Cowardly Lion on my way into the office and I asked.  "Hey, can you sniff me and tell me if I smell like rotting corpse?" and she got this weird look on her face that I interpreted as "Sure! I've been dying to sniff you!" She said I smelled like rainbows and cinnamon which is good, I guess.

All day I thought about that putrid smell. It reminded me of the time we went to a museum to see The Mummies of Guanajuato which is an exhibit of dead people on display in the city of Guanajuato. They were in glass cases but one of those cases had a small opening at the corner which, if you stood extremely close, you could get a whiff of the body. Why would you want to, right? Ask my brother Sergio who stuck his nose in the opening, took a deep breath and now gags every time we bring it up. Ewwwww!

Anyway, unlucky for me, Thursday was a warm day so whatever was marinating in my car was going to get worse by the time I left work. Sure enough, the smell was a little bit more menacing than it had been at 8:15 in the morning. Kinda like Al Pacino putting a gun to your head and trying to make you watch one of his new movies. Yep. That bad.

I was puzzled.

Were the evil squirrels declaring war by sticking a fallen comrade into my tailpipe (not to be confused with the Richard Gere rodent tailpipe fiasco)? They were my prime suspects because I had just sprayed my garden with fox urine so that they would stay the hell out (never mind how I got the fox urine). I've known they were up to something for weeks now because I've been under constant surveillance.

squirrel at the botanic gardens

 squirre2l on my way to Baskin Robins the gym.

Anyway, I drove home and called Andy so he could help me try to solve this foul mystery.

Bee: Come out here and help me solve this foul mystery.

Andy: It can't be that bad.

Bee: I almost threw up on my way home.

Andy: "Bee the Exaggerator".

Bee: I dare you to get in the car with the windows rolled up and sit in there for 30 seconds.

Andy: Pffft! I'll do a full minute! [opens door] [spins violently around and around] Uh. Wow. Never mind.

Bee: Coming from a guy with no sense of smell, it must be really bad.

Rick (from his upstairs window): What are you two weirdoes doing?

Bee: Trying to solve a foul mystery.

Andy: How many times are you gonna say that?

Bee: It builds suspense?

Andy: No, it just makes you sound retarded.

Rick: It can't be that bad.

Bee: Come down here and say that with your nose in the car.

Andy: Pop the hood. Maybe a squirrel was trying to hide his nuts in there.

Bee: I hope the motor tore his nuts right off. [Pops hood and trunk (or bonnet and boot in British speak)]

While Andy was checking the hood, I went around to the trunk and lifted it up. . .


My mom used my car on Monday to run some errands. She stopped at Shop n Save and picked up some things. Butter, tortillas, oil, soda, chicken breasts.

These are the things she carried into the house on Monday after her trip to the store:





What I discovered on Thursday, after a few days of 80 degree weather, was that she had forgotten the chicken breasts in my trunk.


All 3 of us groaned then Rick laughed and Andy yelled "Get them the fuck out of here!" and so I had to walk what seemed like a mile to the garbage can in the garage with a package of chicken boobs in my hand and my gag reflex on high alert. I bumped into Boomhauer and mentioned the chicken breasts because I didn't want him to think it was my lack of hygiene that was stinking up the place. "My mom left a package of chicken breast in the trunk of my car on Monday"

Boomhauer: Hahahaha! I bet those are ready to eat!

Sick bastard.

Maria (THE VEGETERIAN) walked by me having just gotten home from work, she looked at me strangely as she made her way down the driveway. I told her about the boobs and she said "oh! I was wondering what that smell was!"

Bee: You sure you don't want to try some yummy meat?

Maria: [Rolls her eyes, pinches her nose] Positive.

Bee: It's not like broccoli smells like roses, you know.

Maria: [runs away]

I have that effect on people.

I walked back to my car and had to explain to Andy why I had put the fetid breasts in the garbage can. According to him, I was now contaminating his garbage can. Well you know what? I'd rather the maggots grow in a contained environment as opposed to the trunk of my car where they can come out and say 'hi!' on a whim.

And so, our foul mystery was solved. Sadly, my car still smells like animal carcass.


  1. At least you have an excuse for the stench in your car often smells like funk, but I never find the culprit. Well, that's not entirely true. Usually after disposing of the McDonald's bags, the scent goes away, I just cannot pinpoint it as my car is usually a dump on wheels.

  2. It could have been worse. Some seriously rancid cheese would have added nicely to your smelly ensemble.

    I'm glad that they haven't found a way to send scents over the internet yet...

  3. That is one of the worst smells. ICK! Maybe you won't be eating chicken for awhile?

  4. Man, that reminds me of the time we put a dead cat in the trunk of the car, to take it in for cremation, and the trunk NEVER stopped smelling like a corpse. Luckily, it wasn't my car, we were just borrowing it.

  5. gack. the same thing happened to me only I had a hatchback at the time and it was a whole chicken, not just boobies.

    I feel for you, it took a while for the smell to go away

  6. All I have to say is "daily Febreeze" for about a month. That might get the stench out. :-)

  7. I am glad you solved the foul mystery. I liked the line so much I wanted to type it too. Your efforts remind me of the Seinfeld where they lock a guy in the car to make him smell BO.

  8. Awesome site, keep up the good work!

  9. That is soooo gross!!! Are you gonna get rid of your car now? That's what you dis when we left Browns and the car still smelled like chicken grease!

  10. Over the summer my husband took my car to pick up some fresh seafood..well they didn't package it well and one teeny, tiny drop of seafood water got on my floor mat..eventhough he washed it immediately and set it out in the car continued to smell like lowtide, or stinky fish, for at least a month. I gagged everytime I had to go somewhere. I feel your pain - get a good air freshener stat

  11. One time a gallon of milk exploded in the car on the way home from the grocery store.

    Now, nobody is real sure how the milk exploded.

    All we know is that it was not good.

    For the three years we had the car after that, no matter how much scrubbing happened, the car always smelled like sour milk and air freshener.

    This was not a good marriage of aromas.

  12. This was so completely funny, I was trying to figure out what the smell was the whole time.

    I once had a foul car odor. It was from a mound of wet clothing in my trunk in a very hot, very humid car for an entire week.

    I had gone to Miami (20 hours away from where I live!). Drove straight to the beach and jumped in clothing and all, I was that excited. Well, I didn't want to get back in the car all wet so I did what any insane girl would do, I stripped naked on the beach, and changed into dry clothing. (It was like midnight on a Tuesday night and no moon was out..very dark!) I put the sandy, wet, beach water clothes in a wad in the trunk. When I got back in the car at the end of the week....URGH! The smell was horrible.

  13. UGH!!! I cant even IMAGINE what rotting chicken breasts must have smelled like in the heat of your trunk for days!

    At least you FOUND the source!


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