Saturday, September 19, 2009

What has 2 legs a cool wife and likes to break computers?

Answer: Andy

As of last night I have no Internet access on my laptop. He was doing something to his computer (the one linked to Linksys) and then all of a sudden I was bucked off the Internet with no warning or explanation. He, OF COURSE, denies culpability and is blaming it on terrorists.

Due to this tragic event, I am not sure when, IF EVER, I will be able to blog again. I guess I could type out a 5000 word post an iPhone but I don't want to over use my middle finger to a point where I can't use it for the all important flipping off ingnorant people doing douchebaggy things.

I'm hoping we can figure out the problem before we resort to hanging out at Wifi friendly places like Starbucks ::shudder::

Also, if there are any errors in this post and you feel it is your duty to correct me, I have a rested up middle finger JUST FOR YOU.


  1. Wow couldn't wait 2 minutes huh?

    Well its up but real slow. Linksys, XP & Vista plus a limited knowledge of computers make me wonder why these smart tech guys can't figure out some non complex way to connect to the internet.

  2. 2 minutes? Starting from when?

    Thank you for fixing the internet babe.

    even though you broke it to begin with (she mumbles under her breath)

  3. Haha! Poor Andy ... I share his pain. Terri is my local network specialist. Unfortunately I know just enough techno-whatsis to get both our computers in REALLY deep ****.

  4. Andy.

    Don't ya know when it's time to post, it's time to post?

    Hope y'all's internet speeds up!

  5. I can't even begin to describe our network setup here at the house and I'm supposed to be a geek. ;-)

    Now if the construction people would stop cutting through the cable line.....

  6. I've only had internet access at home for a few years, but now I don't know if I could go back to nothing. Hope everything speeds up for ya'.

  7. Starbucks ... you poor thing. DO NOT DRINK THE COFFEE! It tastes of ass. I did a blind tasting, and could not taste the difference.

  8. if you watch too much porn your computer will break. so ive heard.

  9. that sucked

    now it's better

    aww life

  10. I'm struggling to see how Andy could have broken your internet connection? Are you routed via his machine? Can we have a diagram of your network?

    In any case, I'm glad it's back up and running. Or walking, or whatever...

  11. Thank Goodness! Glad you won't be prohibited from blogging.

  12. Wow, that sucks big time. You are so going to go into withdrawals and then he will be so sorry. My dear one tried something stupid ONE time and one time only. He erased my entire hard drive and put it back to it's virgin state. Hey! I should have had him do something to me.


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