Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nyquil Flashback + witness my rockin 90s style.

Me: ::laughing;:

Andy: What's so funny?

Me: I was remembering a scene on Glee when the "Acafellas" were singing "Poison". We were laughing so hard!

Andy: ?? Who were you watching it with?

Me: What?

Andy: You said "we were laughing so hard" I thought you watched it alone.

Me: Oh um yeah. I think. Wait. Who was I talking to?

Andy: Bee, I think you have a Nyquil problem.

Me: No. I'm sure I was talking to somebody!

Andy: Sure you were, babe. Where's your stash?


I have no freakin clue why I remember laughing with someone while watching Glee. If I was chatting with you or on the phone with you, please let me know because I need to convince Andy and "it's driving me out of my mind!"


Here's the Bell Biv Devoe video. The dancing was cheesy but... I cannot believe I used to dress like that! I used to go to "Rave" and buy like 6 of those hoochie stretch skirts for about five dollas.

There are very few pictures of me in that era and for that I'm grateful. The humiliation would be too much to bare. However! I did find this little gem which I'm posting because my brain cells are still swimming in medicine and I would never dream of opening that door of shame if I was lucid but you know what? I find the humor in this picture right now.


I have no idea WHY I was ""posing"" (super models of the world, you may breathe easy) but I blame it on the Southern Comfort. Also, why I didn't get closer to the chair so that it wouldn't look as awkward escapes me. I tried cropping it but then it looked like I was floating and that made me laugh and Tazz started barking. I'm assuming he was trying to talk sense into me.


::groan:: It was New Year's Eve so give the shawty a break!

Like those women who can't hold their liquor and then wake up to find they brought home the ugliest guy in the club, I'm sure I'll regret this in the morning.


  1. I went through a phase of drinking Southern Comfort in the 90s, but it never made me stand on chairs like that.

    At least not that I remember...

  2. You were just checking to make sure your legs were shaved!

  3. Great picture! I have some of those lurking around too. Ah, those were the days.

  4. Oh my gosh you were such a cutie, and that dress is such a classic of the time period. Awesome!

  5. You know, it was "Talk like a Pirate Day" this weekend, so maybe you were just tapping into your inner pirate...

    I mean, they drink until they can't make any sense, so it's all good, right??

  6. This reminds me of pictures I have of's scary.

  7. I was here earlier but I didn't leave a comment

  8. Didn't you find it a little interesting that they sang "I want to sex you up" at a PTA meeting...I mean, I haven't been to a PTA meeting like THAT before...But I'm waiting for the day....

  9. I think Brian is lying and has many such pictures at home. C'mon fella, tell us all ...

  10. Chris:

    Absolutely not. And even if there were, I'd have destroyed all copies now (at least the ones I could find), and got them to remove that video from youtube...

  11. It looks like you were at a very classy hotel too with that photo. Nice.

  12. nice leg. arent you supposed to be outside next to the road, hitch-hiking, when you do that? were you practicing?

  13. I suspect that the combination of Nyquil and BBD songs can cause quite the hallucination.

    And I know it wasn't me on the phone with you. :)

  14. I just have one question.

    Who took the picture?

  15. Uh it was so long ago and so many beers and shots ago... I can't remember.


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