Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The value of having friends who need to make a quick getaway from the law. Kidding! maybe

If you have ever read my "about me" on this here blogus, you know I've claimed to have some fish. I say *some* because, like my beauty and figure, they've come and gone.

Every single one of our fishes/fish/fishi have passed on to the great big lake, ocean or skillet in the sky. The last one to leave us was Millhouse the Cromis. He was a brave little guy who was with us for 7 years. Andy and I at one time thought he was the one responsible for the murders of Krusty the Clown Fish the First and Second, Marge Simpson , Monty Burns the Arrow Head Crab, Smithers the Shrimp, Moe Sizlack the ugliest fish alive, Homer the Crab, Maggie the Starfish and Chili Palmer the Beta Fish (even though Chili Palmer was in an entirely different tank) since he was the only survivor. Now that he has left us, I'm wondering if the serial killer is still living in my house disguised as a well meaning snail who pretends to clean and looks innocent while quietly eating fish testicles.

Due to the lack of fish life, Andy decided to take apart his tank and rebuild it at another time. A time when serial killers would no longer have a place in aquatic society.

Then I received an email from a dear friend asking if I'd like her 3 fantail goldfish because she was moving and couldn't take them with her. I said I'd love too but I didn't have a tank for them (Andy's is a saltwater tank and the fantails are fresh water fish, salt would make them go like this "IT BURNS IT BURNS IT BUUUUURNS!!)(Only in fish speak), could I buy the tank they were currently in?

And this is the beauty I was blessed with.

le feesh

She gave me a terrific deal (practically free) for the whole setup and I have to say that I absolutely love standing in front of it and talking to Larry, Moe and Curly (Three Stooges names suggested by my sister-in-law, Crazy Ez)(I tweaked them a little)(or Bee'd them if you will).

I have now designated them as my advisors in all things important like what I should make for dinner tomorrow.They are not entirely sure but they definitely gave me a big fins down when I asked them if I should grill up some fish.

So ladies and gents, please welcome

Larry O. Pompadour:

larry .

Big Moe (not to be confused with Moe Sizlack):

moe .

Curly The Acrobat:


Don't tell the other 2 but Larry is my absolute favorite! He likes to swim over and give me his shocked look hen I tell him I'm going to clean.

larry shocked.

Thank you, AP, for thinking of us when looking for a home for these little guys. I promise to keep all shifty characters away from them and install metal detectors in case a wise guy wants to smuggle a switchblade.

They can have beer, right?


  1. Doesn't it freak you out having bug-eyed creatures watching you all the time?

    I hope you'll keep them suitably amused with songs jokes and mime routines.

  2. now those are some cute fish.

    poor cupcake II, I often times forget to feed him--we just haven't bonded like with CupcakeI

  3. I really enjoy the fact that the orange fishy is placed exactly the same in both pictures, the bigger and the close-up. He did move after this right?

  4. are they chewy? they look chewy

  5. The fish are bee-utiful too, just like your washer! Wow, you are being surrounded by so many blessings! Who's been a good girl? Bee!!

    Congrats! :-)

  6. Oh Lord, I must make sure that Emma doesn't see this post!! Just last weekend she and Peter were at Petco getting supplies for her guinea pig, and she came home saying she wanted a goldfish.


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