Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Andy and Bee's wilderness adventure!

As you may know, Andy and I sometimes go wild and visit far off lands. Like Wisconsin and Indiana.

Growing tired of carrying our own water for those long expeditions, we decided to keep our adventure local this weekend so we went to the great city of Amboy, Illinois. It's a 2 hour drive (which Andy drives roundtrip because I'm supposedly too reckless of a driver. I told him that, out in the country, it's okay to hit things that are trying to cross the road. As a matter of fact, they encourage it!) so we wake up before the birds, pack up Mocha (Tazz cannot handle a 2 hour trip and will let you know by vomiting in his kennel and all over himself which makes the drive oh so fragrant. Mocha on the other hand, will lay in the back seat or look out the window to see if a bird is within her reach) grab some Mickey Dee's coffee and make our way through the construction torn highways.

What's in Amboy, you ask. Well, there's corn.

And trees.

(Eat your hearts out Japanese Bonsai tree sculptureists! We have our own thing going over here!)

And fields.

And barns.

And strippers?

You have to be pretty hard up (no pun intended) if you need to drive 30 minutes to see boobies. I picture the strippers to be like the one in "My name is Earl"


More importantly, Amboy has peace and quite.



I didn't take a picture of peace and quiet though so you'll just have to imagine what that would be like.

Andy's parents have a trailer (or *caravan* in British speak) where they spend most of their spring/summer/fall weekends so we try and visit them a couple of times a year. I love going there (my mother in law cooks the yummiest food!)and would do so more often but there is always this wall to build or that function to go to... hmm that kinda sounds like I do other things than laze around.

It's amusing to see Andy pretend he's living out in the wilderness and has to chop wood to keep his family warm.


After many tries he finally connects with the wiggly wood.


I hid his face because he's making his "oh shit" face and he would kill me (kill me dead) for posting it on my blog.

We spent a nice relaxing day where we reminisced about olden times:
"I used to know a family who was too smart for my liking! I called them 'The Smarties'" (from my father-in-law)

We discussed world matters
"I'm hoping to be on the first wave of people sizzled if we're attacked" (optimist, me)
"No, since we are so far in, we'd probably suffer a full day before we die" (pessimist, Andy)

We watched the dogs and wondered what they were thinking.

"I really like to lick myself because I taste like chicken" (Corky)


"I wonder if he'll drop another cookie" (Mocha)

We normally go for a walk around the campground but my knee was bothering me due to an old sports injury from when I used to play football for the Toledo Tornados. Just kidding! I would never be caught dead in Toledo. It turns out I had rested my Betty Boop messenger bag on my knee the whole trip and since it weighed the same as a small sumo wrestler (because I had packed the important things that Amboy might not have, chapstick weighs 50 pounds, right?), it killed my knee. I didn't realize it until I went to get out of Andy's car and my face almost kissed the grass.

On our way home, we drove through a town called Waterman, we saw a sign on a bar that said "Mexican Wednesday" and then I joked about how, if I went in there on a Saturday, I would be booted while someone yelled "k'ent you see it says Wednesday?" (get it? because I'm Mexican?) and then Andy said that the people of Waterman are probably really nice and I'm a jerk for implying they're unkind to strangers and then I told him they had a drawing of a stereotypical Mexican man taking a siesta and as far as I was concerned me and the town of Waterman were even Steven. All this happened as we were driving in slow motion because the town of Waterman is this small so we wanted to finish our conversation before we entered the town of Hinckley.

Anyway, jokes on me because now I really want a siesta.


I still feel like an elephants stinky crap. Thanks for asking.


  1. Looks like you had an awesome "adventure" :-)

    As far as I'm concerned any drive out on the open road is a fun drive! I'm glad you guys (and Mocha) had a nice, peaceful getaway.

  2. Such beautiful pictures - even if I think that tree isn't really a tree so much as a hunk of alien foliage that will eat you if your back is turned. Or if Andy approaches it with an ax.

  3. Nice barn. It looks like Texas.

    Mexican day - That's funny. I guess they meant Enchiladas or something. ;-) Chicken, Beef, or roadkill?

    Chopping wood? I'll pass.

  4. fyi tazz throws great parties while youre gone. sorry about the new additions to the fish tank

  5. Do the strippers do the tree sculpturing in their spare time?

    I'm having my very own Mexican Wednesday right now, eating chilli con carne.

    I'd put up a sign, but I'm hopeless at drawing sombreros.

  6. You went a lot further than I would have gone. Ice your knee.

  7. I am from Arkansas and i have never seen a stripper barn. That was classic.

  8. I love jaunty, fun trips

  9. Sounds like you had a real adventure. I agree with you about Wednesday's and Saturday's. Do you think they would kick you out for being there on the wrong day?


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