Monday, January 4, 2010

This is not a commercial.

Sometimes I think my television is my enemy. I really do. I could be sitting in my chair, enjoying a nice glass of strawberry limeade, thinking about how I am going to change my eating habits and add an excersise routine to my life when, all of a sudden, they'll show a skinny bitch enjoying a brownie sundae drizzled with fudge and nuts (peanuts, I mean) and my willpower goes out the window only I don't have a brownie sundae and I'm too lazy to make one so I settle for BBQ potato chips with French Onion dip instead. Then, full of self loathing, I yell at the TV for betraying my trust! But then, after I calm down and regain my senses, I apologize and return to my sedentary life.

Last Saturday night, I was watching Food Network whilst (that's right, I said WHILST) dismantling my beautiful Christmas tree. Andy had already gone to bed (lightweight!) but I wanted to have everything put away so that I wouldn't have to deal with it in the morning. As the night went on, the shows on on the Food Network started to get more and more appetizing. The FN personalities talked about their favorite breakfast foods (meh), their deserts, their favorite pizza, their favorite Barbecue... and so they hit my weakness. I love love love Barbecue. If it were up to me, and I wasn't deathly afraid of clogged arteries, I would eat Barbecue everyday. In fact, if I ever move from Chicago, which I very much doubt because I am looking for a place that never gets hotter than 80 degrees and never goes lower than 50, one of my requirements will be to move within jogging distance of one of the best Barbeque places in town.

After listening to them go on and on about their favorite barbeque places and watching them enjoy mouth watering ribs and brisket as they licked their fingers, a decision was made to find the nearest BBQ place near my house and gorge myself until I was either squealing like a pig or in a meat coma. Sadly, I would have to wait until Sunday because I can't see well enough to drive at night it was too late to go out. And besides, I still didn't know where to go.

The next morning, I mentioned my obsession with BBQ at our family brunch and Crazy Ez suggested Famous Dave's (for some reason, the website has music blaring when you click over) I immediately pulled out my iphone and mapped the closest location to me! Unfortunately, I had just eaten (stupid, I know) so I had to wait for the body to do whatever it does to make me hungry again (I think it has something to do with hamsters and magic).

As I waited patiently for the time to pass, I did the following things:

-Started to clean (stopped when I realized what I was doing)

-Watched Andy play Call of Duty 3 (he was usurping my space in front of the TV)

-Joined the P.I.G. club on the Famous Dave's website (below is the reenactment)


-Read their entire menu


-Read the menu to Andy

-Read the menu to Andy again because he wasn't listening

-Read the menu to Mocha because Andy wasn't paying attention because he was too busy splattering brains all over the place

Finally, it was time to go!

As soon as I walked into the restaurant, my nose  gave me a standing ovation! I was prepared to order a pulled pork sandwich with some creamy cole slaw but Andy suggested we order the feast for 2.

cell 1.04.10 026

Are they serious? TWO people??  We barely made a dent!

cell 1.04.10 028

Notice how it looks almost the same.

The food was excellent. The meat was tender on the inside and charred on the outside just the way I love it! If any of you have a Famous Dave's near you, I recommend you go. Tell them I sent you! They won't know what you're talking about and assume you're off your meds but I'm sure it won't be the first or last time someone made that assumption.

I'm always open to try new places so if any of you have a better places, in my area because I'm not traveling to Louisiana just for meat (I personally would but I think Andy would have some objections) let me know.

Oh and sorry Brian, I don't think there are any locations in the UK. ::sobbing::


  1. I love the food network and anything barbecued...

    My favourite show on the food network is Ricardo and friends, only because he is cute and french...

  2. lol....we have one here...I need to try it sometime. I am always picky on BBQ cause growing up we always went to Gale Street Inn, by Jefferson Park...they have the BEST ribs ever!!! So I get a little picky on ribs. But ur pic did look yummy. So thanks:)

  3. I don't think we have one near here, but now I wish we, not that I need it after the number I saw on the scales this morning (let's just say it wasn't pretty).

  4. bbq is okay

    but I really dig the sweets, oh yeah baby!

    did you just call me a geek?

  5. those pics are my new wallpaper

  6. Firstly - My cable provider is currently in a dispute with the carrier for Food Network & Home & Garden TV - so they're no longer airing them!! It's been 5 days and I'm losing my mind!! I might have to go to Fios or satellite - urghhhh.

    Secondly - I L.O.V.E. Famous Dave's and now after reading your post - I must go, lucky for me it's 5 minutes away from home. That dinner for two is ridiculously large but ever so yummy!!

  7. My favorite southern bbq is from Sonny's, but Famous Dave's will most definitely do. In fact, we make an excuse to go visit my inlaws in WV, 4 hours away, because they always take us out to Dave's. They use it as a lure. Sigh. Now I want ribs. I am so on a huge diet, and if you want to join in the challenge, check out the link on the sidebar of my blog.

  8. hunger pangs and it is only 10:30 am...i love good bbq...i used to live in north carolina...and weigh a whole lot more than i do now. lol.

  9. I suppose I should be grateful that there aren't any of these here, as it all looks far too nice.

    Since I don't watch TV, I rely on blogs to make me hungry...

  10. I had sworn off bbq and then I read this. THANKS A LOT, BEE!




  11. I love the BBQ too. In our hometown we have Bill Clinton's favorite BBQ joint (he grew up here). But it is not even my favorite place in town. If you want BBQ you need to move south.

  12. OMG! There are FIVE Famous Dave's in Southern CA! I'll be heading to the nearest one some time this weekend. Thanks!

  13. OMG. I am Googling for a Famous Dave's anywhere in NJ!


  14. nice post. thanks.


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