Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some things are better left unsaid.

Andy: I read your post about your first day at the part time job.

Bee: What? Were you bored so you thought you'd check my blog?

Andy: Basically.

Bee: Thanks.

Andy: Sure. I was wondering why you didn't talk about the shoes you bought while you were working.

Bee: I thought about it but I decided it didn't add to the story.

Andy: I disagree. The fact that you LIMPED to their shoe department and ransacked boxes until you found your size then proceeded to take off your shoes in the middle of the store to put on the new ones then realized your socks didn't match and that your feet smelled, would have completely made that story!

Bee: Hey! My feet don't smell!

Andy: They don't stink but they do have a slight odor to them. Like stale bread. It makes me go "eww stale bread smell" but then it makes me hungry.

Bee: There are so many things wrong with what you said. Besides, don't you think that would be considered TMI to share on my blog?

Andy: You're kidding, right? Now you're going to start censoring yourself? How about the time you blogged about not being able to go #2?

Bee: I was looking for suggestions!

Andy: That's why elves invented google. [pretends to type] "hello google? Why can't I poop?" or "what can make me go poop?" and then google will answer "not enough fiber" or "enema"

Bee: I liked it better when you were the silent type.

Andy: Speaking of things that make me poop, what are you cooking for dinner?


The End.

Andy admitted it was only one pair of shoes that I owned that smelled funky and those were my Payless special shoes that I wear when my feet are cold and they're really more like slippers and I will no longer wear them ever again!

The reason I was cooking is because my mom abandoned me again and went to Mexico. ::sobbing::

I'm sorry if I'm not speaking clearly but I bit my tongue (I taste delicious by the way) while trying to bite a frozen piece of chocolate. The only reason I was eating chocolate was because I had sprayed my mouth with perfume in the morning (accidentally of course) and I was desperate for the taste to go away.


  1. Holy shit...I sprayed perfume in my mouth yesterday morning...Wonder Twins!

  2. I think it's funny when men complain about smells.....


  3. I kinda like it Bee

    maybe you & andy can start writing posts together. part of a he said, she said type thing.

  4. I am glad you taste like chocolate and not stale bread.

  5. You should practise walking on your hands - then you wouldn't have to limp.

  6. Okay, can someone explain how you women can accidentally spray perfume in your mouths?

    I've never sprayed after shave in my mouth.

    AS for men and smells, no comment.

  7. Bee, you and Andy are hilarious. Maybe you should do a he said - she said segment each week. Oh, and I'm always spraying stuff in the wrong orifice.

  8. Oh my, there is so much going on here. The feet, the poop and the perfume in the mouth. Andy is one lucky guy.

  9. things that make you go poop, that could be a new series

  10. I am cracking up.
    This sentence made me laugh out loud:

    Andy: They don't stink but they do have a slight odor to them. Like stale bread. It makes me go "eww stale bread smell" but then it makes me hungry.


  11. But then it makes me hungry....
    *ouch* it hurts.


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