Monday, January 25, 2010

Okay PETA! Don't come pie me in the face! I'll give the polar bears one more chance.

I'm taking jean knee's advice and trying the Lever 2000 with crisp cucumber. I just hope I don't get a craving for a salad mid-shower and start eating my bathroom plants.

What? Doesn't everybody have plants in the most fertilized room of the
house? It is also the room that needs the most oxygen.


  1. ***...eating my bathroom plants.***

    I read "eating my bathroom pants" and I was very scared for you.

  2. I had a bathroom plant and it is dying a slow death.

  3. I have plants in my bathroom

    now I have not tried that cucumber kind and my lever has vaseline so if that soap sux it's really not my fault

  4. Good Luck!

    I like by bird soap (Dove).

  5. I've never tried to wash myself with a mushed up cucumber - it seems a strange thing to put into soap.

    Perhaps if enough people complain, the liquid soap people will put "Polar Bear Friendly" on their bottles and then people will feel better - just like they put "Dolphin Freindly" on all the tuna tins.

  6. i just hope you dont start foaming at the mouth...dont eat the soap bee!

  7. Plants don't usually go for methane, right?;)

  8. The soap still has questionable ingredients in it--for the water table and for users. If you spent too much time looking all this up, you'd drive yourself crazy. And that wouldn't help the bears, would it?


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