Sunday, January 10, 2010

Before Censors

I'll be back later with a post but I just wanted to share a book I found in an antique shop.

The title doesn't offend me so much since the policeman is of the portly variety but dear baby spinach does he look like a pervert!

Raggedy Ann: He smells like hot dogs!

Raggedy Andy: I think his zipper's open!

Nice Fat Policeman: Well now, I wonder how much I can get for a couple of raggedy dolls?

I know people were more innocent back in the olden days but I find it hard to believe there wasn't at least ONE smartass around back then!
That makes me sad.


  1. I think that book was supposed to have been burned.


  2. That is interesting, I sure someone picked up on that one and revised the cover maybe?

  3. people have never, will never, be innocent

  4. oh my. almost as bad as kids movies these days...

  5. They were just as censorious in those days, only about different things...

  6. I used to LOVE Raggedy Ann & Andy! That book has ruined me forever!

  7. I love the fat portly policeman that looks a bit like a pig. I have to agree with Jean Knee. People have never been innocent.

  8. Sounds like a great read.

    Happy New Year to you - never said that at the right time. Sorry about that - I hope 2010 is a good 'un for you & yours.

  9. You're right, the policeman does look like a perv... hmmm.


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