Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's time to play "Worst Case Scenario"! Here's your host: Beeeee Musings! (that's me!)

I know most of you assume I live my life stumbling around by the seat of my pants and you're not far from the truth but on those rare occasions that I have to make tough decisions, I employ what I call my "Worst Case Scenario" system which prevents me regretting any decisions. What I do is, I ask myself "what is the worst case scenario if I do or don't do ___"

For example"

Marriage— Yay? or Nay?


Worst case scenario is that Andy opens his eyes on our 10 year anniversary and realizes he married a bipolar nutjob. Until then, I won't have to take out the stinky garbage cuz I'll have a boy that does it.


Worst case scenario, I'll start liking cats.

Since I really think cats are a step up from anal gerbils (ask Richard Gere what I mean because I don't have time to explain), marriage challenge accepted! We are approaching year 9 so we'll see what happens next year.

Let's focus on today's challenging decisions, okay?

It all started at 9:30 AM day of the lord Wednesday January 13th (coincidence that it was the 13th? I think not!). I had just finished off a full bottle of water and needed to go, erm, tinkle and like always, I waited until the very last minute which meant it was GO time! As I was lining the toilet seat with TP (a protected toilet seat is a happy toilet seat) and doing the pee-pee dance ( you know the one, right? where you shuffle from from one foot to the other all the while pinching your legs tightly together?) I was also trying to unbutton my pants at the same time... you know, now that I typed that, I'm thinking 2 things. First off, why do I share so much information and second, I must have looked like a spastic weirdo. Oh well!

Anyway, I must have yanked on my pants too hard (that's what he said!) because PEEWM! there went my button!

[insert chubbo jokes here you jerks!]

Dammit! Now the zipper wouldn't stay up! Should I just pull my blouse down?

Worst Case Scenario:

My blouse doesn't hide the problem so I walk around flashing the unsuspecting elderly.

So I looked down at myself to see how long my blouse was but it wasn't long enough to cover the overexposure. Nope, I didn't want to risk accidental peepage so I had to try something else.

I did the best I could with the zipper and walked out of the bathroom (after I washed my hands, I'm not a barbarian!) where I bumped into Scarecrow. I explained my dilemma and asked her if she had a safety pin. gave me one of those jumbo ones people used to secure cloth diapers in the olden days but before I could go back into the bathroom, Scarecrow went in!

Should I wait for her her to come out or just go into the kitchen and face the window so no one I work with will see what I'm doing?

Worst Case Scenario:

A random stranger I may never meet will see me fiddling with my pants while I'm standing in the kitchen. I stood in the kitchen and threaded the safety pin through my pants and the space where the button used to be. Nobody walked by the window in the kitchen so my secret is safe.

I went on my merry way and continued my job duties as if I was a normal person. Unfortunately for me, I should have adjusted my daily over-exaggerated body gestures to accommodate a hazardous pokey thing in my pants (that's what he said!)(that's what she said!)(it could go either way, no?) but I completely forgot I was living on the precipice of mortal danger!

Later in the day, when I needed to use the ladies room again, I went to open the safety pin but I couldn't find the other prong thingie. I looked down and there, staring up at me menacingly (I think it was even snarling), was the sharp part of the pin! I was almost killed! With no warning even! It turns out the pin had become bent and crooked so it had popped out of the pin's head!

What do I do now? Should I go home and change? No, because I won't want to come back. Maybe if I just put the safety pin back carefully...

Worst Case Scenario:

Fatal Stabbing!

Well, I certainly didn't want to die by way of safety pin stabbing but what other choice did I have?

I threaded the pin through again. This time I made sure it was more secure. Also, as an added precaution, I took 2 paper towels, folded them and positioned them on the inside of my pants to form a barrier between the pin and my delicate skin.

I thought to myself "Self, just don't use the ladies room too often so that you won't have to go through this hassle each and every time!"

You know what happened? It was as if my bladder decided to take a stand and show me who was boss! I would have a teeny tiny sip of water and BOOM! I had to go to the bathroom! I'd be reading a magazine and an ad would feature  an H2O product BOOM! I had to go to the bathroom!


If I walked by a plant— nothing would happen because it's a plant but then I'd notice it needed to be watered and BOOM! off I'd go!

After being tortured every five minutes, I finally took control of my bladder and said "Do your worst!" but by this time it was time to go home and I'm happy I didn't have to find out what the worst case scenario would have been.

And now you know too much about me and my pants!


  1. Oh my! That could have been a huge disaster! Glad you came out of it without getting poked. (that's what she said)

  2. That's hilarious, Bee! Not the part about you potentially being stabbed, of course.

    Your bladder is about as evil as my cat.

    Next time, spill coffee or tea in your lap on lilac pants. GRRRRRRRR.

  3. Blame Richard Gere, not the gerbils.

    they are innocent creatures (although vermin)

  4. lol.oh my...thank goodness for small graces.

  5. I have a few questions:

    (i) I thought women always carried saftey pins, sewing kits (for mending buttons), plumbing equipment, home dentistry tools, etc in their handbags. Maybe you need to re-equip yours.

    (ii) Don't they have spare doctor's coats and patient gowns and things?

    (iii) WHy don't you ask Oz to give you more to do? You're obviously not sweating enough.

  6. you should wear pants with elastic in the waistband so they, er, ebb and flow with your, um, roundness. perhaps something in a nice velour...
    (hee hee hee!)

    also, regarding gerbils:

  7. I like your system , but it seemed to fail on the potential stabbing situation. Glad you made it through the day.

  8. Why would you go to the drUnk for this kinda issue? You should gave gone to the "Gradma" type old lady, I bet you anything she would have had a needle and a thread... Wait... Did you find the button?

  9. Thankfully you were NOT stabbed by the bent, broken, over-sized, and possibly snarling safety pin.

    I swear I must have some sort of medical condition and I like to refer to it as Tiny Bladder Syndrome so I can TOTALLY relate to having to pee every five seconds FOR NO APPARENT REASON!

  10. I had a button pop off my work pants once when I was in a class I had to take for my job. I wasn't allowed to untuck my shirt, so I just kind of kept my hand there whenever i had to stand up which luckily wasn't very often, as we were supposed to be learning stuff. I'm sure I looked pretty bizarre though, with my hand there, like I was just waiting for the chance to rip them open and flash peeps.


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