Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Of birthdays and future births.

So guess what?


For those of you thinking that's the inside of me, shame on you! No, that's my brother Sergio's baby inside of his wife Crazy Ez. Their first little dude (or dudette). Isn't he (or she) cute? Awwwwww!

When they sent me the picture, I immediately printed it and showed it around the office and then placed it on my wall.


Coincidentally, today is also my brother Sergio's birthday. He turns 34. Happy Birthday! You're gettin' old, brother!


On Saturday Andy and I went to Yu's Mandarin (the most delicious food you will ever eat!). At the end of our meal, they brought us our fortune cookies and my fortune read: "You will encounter luck in the near future" so Andy said (with an urgency he reserves for taking over hills or mountains or whatever they take over in that wacky world of weirdness game) "YOU HAVE TO BUY A LOTTO TICKET!!" and I was like "What???" because I was crunching my fortune cookie so I didn't hear him and his facial expression scared me. He repeated and I rolled my eyes.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening. He was about to take a shower when I noticed a set of odd number on my phone.

Bee: Oh, hey! Do you still want me to buy that lotto ticket?

Andy: You haven't??

Bee: Uh no. I haven't bought a lotto ticket since the 90s.

Andy: Dammit Bee! If the numbers come in and we didn't buy that ticket...!!!

Bee: So? Buy it?

Andy: ... I would kill myself!

Bee: ... ::blink blink::

Andy: ...

Bee: I guess we're buying that ticket.


Why so serious? Talkin' about making me a widow!


  1. So, what are you going to spend your lottery winnings on?

  2. The Lottery is very serious business Bee...I promised to pick up the tickets for our work pool yesterday, and by last night on my home realized I instead of zipping right home I stopped at the local TRASH MART to get mine or else who know's what I would find at work in the morning!

  3. Just don't forget us when your loaded. Cashwise, this is. It's easy to forget us when you're loaded boozewise.

  4. I nearly fainted. I did think that little bundle of joy was yours.

  5. I always wanted to know what an alien looked like inside a belly.


  6. I hope you'll remember us blogettes when you're rich and famous.

  7. Theres so many babies around lately, makes me want another. Then I see Isabella climbing on tables thinking she can fly and I think maaaaaybe I'm done... Maybe ;)


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