Monday, October 12, 2009

... it's just another manic Monday!

Man, today hit me like an out of control granny driving a tank and chewing bubble gum.

I really don't feel like getting into the the incompetence of everyone I work with because you've heard that song before and reliving it just makes me want to squeeze my eyeballs.

Anyway, in what I originally thought was the capper to my crappy day, I soon realized it was actually the highpoint of my crappy day.

I was sitting at the front desk while Cowardly Lion went to the little girls room when I noticed a patient staring at me. I thought "yep, I still got it!" but then I wondered about the guys eyesight because today was definitely not one of my *good face days*. Not that I have many. At any rate, I would look up and he would look down quickly. I would turn away again but then snap my head back to look at him and he would pretend he was interested in the ugly wall rug that resembles a sushi roll full of rotted meat and rat hair.



When CL came back and I went to my desk, I pulled out my mirror so that I may admire myself and that's when I noticed I had gone about 3 hours with a blob of make up in between my eyes!

This blob was bigger than my fist!


Now I need to ask you, would you let your coworker walk around for hours without telling them they have goop on their forehead? Would you let them humiliate themselves by checking people in and out when up at the front desk while CL empties her bladder or fills it with coffee? Would you let them go into a room and translate for a patient without so much of a mimed forehead rub from across the room??

I mean, I wouldn't have said anything to them either but this office should only have one vicious vindictive witch and I'm planning on keeping my thrown until it's pried from my cold dead ass. 


Don't ask me why I didn't notice it myself upon leaving my house because I will be forced to beat you with a piano.


  1. It would have been tactless for them to point out that you had a fist-sized object on your forehead. After all, you might have just been trying to cover up a large spot, or a second nose, or an ectopic pregnancy.

    In the interests of research and blog material, I think you should go to work like taht every day, but make the blob grow bigger and bigger and see how long it is before anyone asks you about it.

  2. I do believe I would have had to bitch slap someone for NOT pointing it out to me. How freakin stupid can you be? If you saw someone with something potentially embarrassing wrong with them, why wouldn't you tell them?
    I tell my neighbor every time I see him to please close his mouth because that slack-jawed look makes him look stupid.
    I'm nice like that...

  3. I think you answered your own question.


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  6. I would have told you, Bee! I am always checking Peter for things like boogers in his nose before he leaves for work. He doesn't care, but I care about what his coworkers think. Because his appearance is a reflection on me!

  7. And as nice as you've talked about them here too. I can't imagine why they wouldn't have told you. ;)

  8. what asswipes

    I so would have told you.

    unless I just wanted to laugh behind your back cuz you threw out the three week old cake crumbs. hmph

  9. I think it was payback for throwing out the rotted, slimy, black dish sponge? Loving the sunglasses :)

  10. Last week at work, I walked around with my pants unzipped far longer than I even want to realize. Odd that no one told me, either. Not a fellow employee, not a customer. No one. I make a pact with you now. If this happens to either of us again, I'll tell you if you tell me.

  11. I, of course, meant *THRONE* not *thrown* it's like the blob all over again!

  12. Holy crap, Nooter! That was hilarious and also nightmare inducing!

  13. I did the same thing with a BOYFRIEND. I had put extra makeup on a zit and was waiting for it to dry before I smooshed it in to occlude the zit.

    I got in the cab and the bf looked at me strangely. WE WENT TO THE AIRPORT and the check-in person stared at me and I finally went to the ladies room to reassure myself of my beauty and there it was!

    I yelled at the bf and he said, "I thought you did that on purpose."

  14. Nobody's beaten my with a piano for too long now. Sigh.

  15. maybe that was really attracted to you.

  16. did you ask them why they didn't tell you!


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