Sunday, October 4, 2009

So hey! I'm still here!

Just wanted to say real quick that I'm trying to recover from the rage of the Olympic committee being such butt munchers and tossing my Chicago out like a used snot rag! I will now boycott all Olypic events until the day my mind forgets what the Olymipcs are.

I will not watch a single event which is pretty much what I do every Olympic year but that's neither here nor there.

Jokes on the because I didn't want all those people eating all my pizza anyway.

I'll be back later Monday with a "real" post.

Zombieland rocks ass! "it's time to nut up or shut up" is now my most favorite phrase in the whole world!
Okay I may have had too much OJ and vodka with my Danish butter cookies. Then I ran out of OJ.


  1. Did you really want the Olympic Games anyway? Going to work in the morning would have been hell with all the traffic, not to mention increased security and stuff.

    Vodka's better with lemonade.

  2. Love the mornig screw (driver) Heh! Only this year you not watching the Olympics has meaning whereas all the other times, that was just, you know no harm no foul. I'll boycott them with you! (like I do every year)

  3. Brian:
    Traffic for other people would have been bad for me it would have maybe added 1 minute to my 4 minute comute. ;o)

    Right on, sister! Let's show those bastards what the power of 2 can do!

  4. Hum.....a short commute? I'm sure you could start walking to work. ;-)

  5. I can't wait to see Zombieland! Oh, wait, yes I can. I never see movies in the first two weeks they open, it's my policy. So as much as I want to see it, wait I shall. But I've been telling everyone to nut up or shut up, too. ROFL

  6. Even I was bummed all the way from Texas. I'd much rather go to Chicago than Rio. Not that I was going either way, but Chi-town rocks!

  7. Remember, it's not the next Olympics you have to boycott, but the ones after that in Rio in 2016. The next ones in 2012 are going to be in Britain, which I expect will be awful. I'm glad I don't live in London, but I'd still like to emigrate for the duration...


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