Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mercury Falls A Novel By Robert Kroese. Who is Robert Kroese? You will soon find out!

I came home the other day to find 2 copies of Diesel's, or as his parole officer calls him "Robert Kroese", new book, Mercury Falls, on my dining room table.


It was like Christmas!

However, the fact that I received 2 books puzzled me. Knowing our history, I had to email him RIGHTAWAY to make sure he was aware he'd sent me 2 copies because one was addressed to "Bee Cor-" and the other to "Bianca Rut-" (both people are me)(we use the same head). I didn't want him to think I cheated, you know, again.

Diesel replied that he sent me 2 copies on purpose. One for being a snazzy dresser (he chose a winner via eenie, meenie, miney, mo) and the other for having a terrific disposition (I'm a Humor-Blog supporter). He also said I could do whatever I wanted with the second book.

Soooo being the ever generous, kindhearted person that I am, I decided to brighten someone's day and have my very first book give away!

[hold for applause]

Anybody can enter. All you need to do is email me at beesmusings @ and your names will be entered in a bowl, or maybe a hat because all my bowls are dirty since I can't find a man-maid, and I will choose one winner. Don't worry, you don't need to write an essay telling me how much you hate love me. You don't need to have a blog or a dog or a frog you just need to have an email address and probably a computer. And an address where I may mail the book would help. You have until Sunday night November 1st to enter.

I haven't read the book yet because I'm waiting for the perfect weekend where I will be free to immerse myself in the apocalypse (YAY!) and have nothing else to do but shake in my slippers!

No, I'm sure it won't be scary. Hopefully?

Besides, the name of the book, Mercury Falls, made me think of a soap opera the whole time he was pimping it. Kinda like Melrose Place with better characters and writing.

Anyway! Once I read it, I will engage Robert Kroese in a Q&A and also give you a review of the book. In the meantime, enter to win. Send me your email. You have nothing to lose but your silverware!


The following people cannot win the book:

Anybody with the last name of Cor**** and its affiliates, Rut****** and its affiliates, people who already received a book from Diesel or have a pirated copy because pirates are scum. I don't care how many movies Johnny Depp makes!


  1. Dang it...I already had two copies and my wife. Otherwise, I'd be so down for this. ;)

  2. Wow... you're actually asking for email spam???

    Heh, heh, heh...

  3. Good luck finding that man-maid. I'll split the cost with you.

    I've started Mercury Falls and I'm taking it with me on vacation next week. Maybe I'll even finish it!

  4. I never win anything I want to win but with my luck I could enter and win but only because I already have the copy I bought. (of course that would disqualify me if I told the truth)

  5. What if my last name starts with an L? Can I enter?


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