Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Please tell me your worst birthday story. But nothing sad like "oh, my dog died on my birthday!" because then I will tell you that you suck.

Today is my little sister's birthday.

She turns the grand old age of... twenty-something.

She's getting to that age where we women hesitate to answer truthfully. Except for me. For some reason I start adding years to myself months before my birthday. It could be the old-timers disease everybody keeps talking about.

Anyway, I won't be the one to say how old she is today (but next year she'll be the big THREE-O).

Unfortunately for my little sister, she is spending her birthday at jury duty! Boo! 

Don't misunderstand me, I'm all for people doing their civic duty (as long as it's not me being inconvenienced) but it sucks when you're stuck doing it in the worst part of the city (County Jail!!) on your birthday!

So, lil sis, if you're reading this now, while you're stuck sitting next to an over perfumed man in a business suit who keeps looking sideways at your boobs and a woman smelling of BO and cat urine, please know we're all thinking of you (as we sit in comfortable chairs while sipping coffee).

Happy Birthday, Nancy! And give 'em hell!

bee clown n nancy

That's me and her, she and I,  dressed up for a special occasion I can't recall... a wedding maybe? I'm singing to her and for some reason she's laughing. It can't be my voice?

Also, she is going to kill me when she sees this picture but I think she looks cute with her little curlers and her teddy bear.


Nobody make mention of the fact that her birthday is only a few days away from Halloween, okay? I think she's suffering enough right now since she's probably struggling to find a comfortable spot in those crappy plastic chairs while balancing a book and her Mochachacaca from Starbucks.


  1. Jury duty on your birthday would suck all right. But you know what sucks worse? Growing up in a Catholic household and being born on one of the seven "holy days of obligation". Yep, they're called that because you're obligated to go to freaking mass on those days. So, every freaking year I had to go to church on my birthday. Even if it wasn't a Sunday.

    But, you know, I'm not bitter or anything...

  2. Happy Birthday, Nancy!

    I honestly can't remember a bad birthday, except perhaps for my 12th which didn't really happen since everyone in my family was in bed with flu.

    I think you should wear outfits like that all the time. The hat is rather impressive, and people would be able to see you coming and prepare themselves.

  3. Thank you mother for making every birthday memorable in a really disturbing way. She is a drama queen and an image maker and perfectionist. All my birthdays sucked.

  4. Oh, you mean you don't normally dress that way for the Land of Oz? I was completely fooled.

    Happy Birthday, Sister of Bee!

  5. Happy Happy birthday Nancy.

    I loved jury duty- I had an exciting case with the the lawyers calling each other names and stuff.

    the judge kept falling asleep

  6. I add months too. I've been saying that I'm a year older for like six months, which really isn't in line with me complaining about clerks not checking ID on me anymore. Hmmm.

  7. I had food poisoning on my 34th birthday. I threw up literally 40 times.

    AND it threw my back out.

    Talk about aging gracefully.

  8. I feel sooooo special! I got a special post dedicated to me without having to be pregnant! Yay!

    Thanks Bee! For the post with the bad picture of me and my special cake :) your my favorite sister :)

  9. bad birthday stories? my friends took me out for my 21st bday. i didn't even get carded. drank way too much and had to get up at the crack of dawn to work an orientation program.

    it started with me hanging off a podium with an enormous bottle of water saying "My name is Jaime. Today is my 21st bday. That's all I'm going to say today." i was still drunk as hell and wanted to die all day.

  10. Happy Birthday Nancy. I hope it was a good one despite all those criminals, lawyers and fellow jurors.

    I think my worst birthday(s) were the ones spent married to my first wasband.

  11. Happy Birthday little sister!
    How'd you know I am sitting in a comfy chair sipping hot coffee?
    I can't think of a bad birthday or a really great one either. I don't remember my 21st birthday, except the part where I'm sitting at the bar drinking free shots.

  12. Blogger ate my comment. I'm upset. But younger Bee's birthday is no day to be grouchy. Little Bee, if you're half as supercoolawesomegood as your sister, the we're good.

  13. What happend to my Bday post!?!?

  14. We just found your brother's jury summons!! It WAS for last week (Oct.20th)!! OOPS!

    Happy Birthday Nancy AND, now, Dan too!!

  15. One of my regular customers always smells of cat urine. If she only smelled of BO, it would be a vast improvement.

  16. My nephew's birthday is also October 27th. I try to stay away from buying him lots of halloween stuff but it's sooo tempting. I have no "worst" birthday story, but when I was 16 I got a nightgown for my birthday. That wasn't as bad as the Xmas where I got earmuffs though. As in, only a pair of earmuffs.


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