Friday, October 9, 2009

I thought peer pressure was in my past but here I am, a 36 year old chick (albeit a cool chick), being pressured into trying icky things.

You know how sometimes your spouse/significant other/pet pig tells you to try something new and you're all like "hmmmm I don't know. That sounds icky." and their rebuttal is "come on! You'll never know unless you try it!" and then you hesitate and he sees you weakening and so he uses the "if you loved me you'd try it!" and since you really want to please him because that is your number one goal in this here life, you try this new thing against your better judgement and then you're left spitting, with an awful taste in your mouth??

That's exactly what happened to me the other day when HE, torturer of wife (I was gonna say 'torturer of wiVES' but he only tortures me -and not the good kind of torture either- so I had to go with the singular) conned me into trying butterscotch pudding!

I know what your thinking.

You're asking yourselves how us two middle agers could be eating pudding since pudding is for babies and old people with no teeth. Well, pudding is yummy and if I try hard enough, I'm sure I could find reasons why it's good for you too. But not butterscotch because it tastes like it came from the devil's loins. I know, ewww! The color should have been an indicator of the nauseating moments to come. 

butterscotchsucky(I haven't changed many diapers but for some reason I'm having a flashback!)

Give me the old fashioned vanilla-chocolate swirl in a crystal wine glass* and I'm a happy girl.

10.08.09 007

*vanilla-chocolate swirl will also taste good in a regular cup/glass but I like to eat it in style. It's less fattening that way*. Tell your friends.

*If I'm wrong about it being less fattening, it's okay because maybe I'll get to meet this guy so he could SHAPE ME UP!

JessiePavelkaYUM (It's like he's calling my name.)

Jessie Pavelka from Lifetime's DietTribe.


  1. You're kidding. Right? I LOVE butterscotch. It's my favorite pudding flavor. (Yeah, we eat pudding and we still have all our teeth and everything.)

  2. Pudding? I like Banana Pudding, and you need teeth for that! I'll pass on anything butterscotch.

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  4. Ugh...sorry about the last comment...I hate when Peter doesn't sign out and I just start leaving comments under his name. Makes people think he's a pervert. favorite flavor is vanilla and Cool Whip makes it even better!

  5. so uh, is butterscotch pudding a euphomism for "something else"?

  6. There's a saying about dogs and new tricks. Andy should understand this now that he's getting old(er)...

    When I was younger we used to have that sort of pudding on a regular basis, only it came as a packet of powder which my mother managed to turn into something resembling yours.

  7. I stopped reading after a few lines, gross Bee, gross!

  8. I <3 pudding! My favorite is pistachio. Sadly, it is not low carb so I don't eat it often. I eat sugar free jello instead.

  9. So...since no one is commenting on the HOT (red alert) trainer on your post, I will. *sigh*


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