Monday, June 1, 2009

So there we were, sitting on the patio enjoying the afternoon WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN...

... I saw a frog leaping happily from hither to tither! Everybody was absolutely fascinated with the little creature and we were all oohing and ahing because it jumped right into Andy's hands!

froggie (the bruises on Andy's arm are not from me... maybe)

I'm not into frogs or anything but that was the cutest little croaker I've ever seen!

froggie2 froggie4 awwwwww

All the hardened 30 year olds (and a couple of of hardened 20 something year olds) turned into little kids who wanted to look at it, pet it and hug it and then there were suggestions of keeping it as a pet. I had to shoot down that idea because our fish population is now down to one sad little chromis. Killing stuff just isn't as fun as it used to be.

We also debated whether we should walk it to the river and let it find some new buddies but somebody argued that its family could be somewhere near here and we'd probably launch the next version of Finding Nemo. Only I named the froggie Richard because it had spots. Because then we could nickname it Spotted Dick. So the title of the movie would be Finding Spotted Dick which I guess could be misinterpreted somehow.

Instead Andy set it free in our yard so it could go wherever it was headed before the humans interfered, again! After Andy let Spotted Dick go, I realized I have a lot of frogs in my garden. hmmmm

6.1.09 044 6.1.09 0456.1.09 048

Anyway, I've been pretty busy beautifying my garden and I think I'm finally at the point where I'm satisfied with my beginner's attempt at landscaping. Unfortunately, the nights have been cold here in Chi-townland so some of my flowers aren't blooming as I'd hoped but I'm sure they'll be okay once the sun finds us again.

Here are pictures of what I've been doing while neglecting my bloglife.

Here is the grass.

6.1.09 057

Here is the grass with edgers.


Here is the grass minus grass.


Here is the grass with plants minus grass.

6.1.09 019

Now, I don't know if you know this about me but when I become obsessed with something, I generally don't half-ass it. No, anything that catches my fancy deserves the full attention of my ass in its entirety. I have studied up on what plants would be best for my region. I've wrinkled my brow in thought, made notes while tapping my pen, consulted nursery specialists, tasted the soil, hugged the earth to my bosom... Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit but I did do as much research as I could before selecting the perennials I planted.

Some will attract butterflies and humming birds. Some will be fragrant and others will be colorful but more importantly, some will grow along my fence so that I don't have to look at my neighbor Wilson's makeshift dumpster everyday!

I've never understood why people amass unusable junk. Are you saving the broken toys for spare parts in case you need to build Crapenstein? Is that also why you keep bleach bottles full of what might be blood and urine? And you think the holey tarps will protect your "" treasure ""???

For a couple of summers I had to put up with his grankids peeing on the side of their house, but they stopped when they realized we would laugh hysterically every time they started peeing. Cruel? Do they now probably have issues peeing in public urinals because they are now traumatized? Maybe but this here is war!

Well, that's about it for today.  



  1. ahhhh I am garden looks very pretty. I have been doing the same thing, since we got the house. I first did my flowers, now I am working on my garden...I am hoping for alot of tomatos!!!

  2. It's all very nice. I hope you get some more rain, soon, though. You wouldn't want your flowers to dry out or anything ;-)

  3. I really like your yard!! It's very pretty.

  4. You do have a lot of frogs!!! Do you collect them?? Is that you way if hinting we get you some more????

    Maybe the frog thinks your frogs are it's old ancestors or frog gods and feels the need to stay close since he is the statue gardian....

    Maybe one day you'll come out to enjoy your garden to find the patio covered in them!!! Aaaahhhhhhh!!! I just scared my self with that frog invasion!!!!

    Ok gotta go now, have a nice day!

  5. Gribbit. Gribbit. Cute frog.

    I like your crop circles but I can picture Andy cursing while's he's using the trimmer this summer.

  6. I love the varieties of grass. As to the frog, well, nature shows its appreciation in odd ways.

  7. Frogs, there are no shortage of them in the South. With boys it gets interesting...I find myself picking up one too many dried-dead frog carcass's around the house! EEEK! They dont know why they cant keep them as pets?

  8. Your frogs are cute. Real frogs? Gah! I shiver at real frogs. Anything with the ability to leap distances is not for me. Therefore, I also have an illogical aversion to track hurdlers and those who do the high jump.

    Long story short, I think Spotted Dick thinks he's at home in your yard, and Andy is his fearless leader.

  9. I killed hundreds of frogs as a kid. I would catch them and put them in a bowl with a lid. I poked holes in the lid so they could breath. Then they died. It was a pretty good system.

  10. Love your yard and garden. My stuff's all burned up cuz I just don't feel like watering everyday.

    I love frogs. we have toads a lot here and when you pick them up they lose control of their bladders, doesn't stop me though they are so stinking cute.

    I am jealous!
    There are never any frogs in my yard. I have yet to even see one since living in West Virginia.
    The flower beds are very beauwwtiful!

  12. Who cares about the mowing and trimming difficulty, your set up is beautiful and that is ALL that matters :D

  13. You should have thrown it on the grill, I hear they eat those things somewhere.

  14. You should have thrown it on the grill, I hear they eat those things somewhere.

  15. you're smart making your garden manageable. it's beautiful.
    i put everything in pots this year- no weeding, no muss. i only get my hands dirty by accident.


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